CompTIA A+ Certification: All You Should Know About It

  • 2 months   ago

The A+ is one of CompTIA’s certifications administered to validate candidates who demonstrate proficiency with skills required for technical support. This covers understanding, troubleshooting, and resolving issues with operating systems, networks, and other technologies. Today, the CompTIA A+ is considered an industry standard by many organizations, with over 2.2 million having earned the certification since it began.

Let’s find out why this certification is so in-demanded among candidates.

What Job Opportunities Does a CompTIA A+ Certification Provides for Candidates?

Any aspiring IT professional should consider obtaining this certification because it’s an industry fundamental for careers in cybersecurity, infrastructure, etc. This badge unlocks you the opportunity to gain such positions as 

• Service Desk Analyst

• Help Desk Technician 

• Associate Network Engineer

• Desktop Support Administrator

220-1002 A+

In addition, if you want to earn enough, then with the CompTIA A+ badge, your annual salary will range from $31k to $82k. To add more, being an A+ certified specialist, you can be employed by such companies as Intel, Nissan, Dell, HP, etc. 

About A+ Exams

To obtain the CompTIA A+ certification you will have to pass two exams – 220-1001 and 220-1002. The first one is knowns as Core 1, while the second - Core 2.

Exam 220-1001 A+ tests your knowledge of networking technology and troubleshooting, mobile devices, hardware, and cloud computing. 220-1002 assessment tests your skills in setting up and configuring operating systems across multiple platforms, including PC and mobile OS. Each exam consists of 90 multi-choice and performance-based questions with a total of 90 minutes scheduled for the whole exam. To ace these assessments, you’ll need to score at least 675 points to pass the Core 1 exam and 700 points to ace the Core 2 exam. As for the price, each test will cost you $226. 

Skills Proved by the CompTIA A+ Certification

The CompTIA A+ certification exams measure your capability to: 

• Setup and maintain operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Apple OS X, and mobile OS like Android, iOS, and Windows;

• Install and maintain SOHO networks;

• Couple and decouple PC hardware;

• Install and troubleshoot peripheral devices;

• Install and image virtual machines;

A+ Certification Practice Test Exam Questions

How to Prepare?

Even though A+ is considered entry-level, underrating the exam and a lack of efficient preparation is the reason some people fail and have to retake the exam. To achieve success once and for all, preparation has to be thorough, with every available resource put to productive use. Check the vendors’ website first to find the official materials. Then, search the optional platforms and options to prepare for To Visit Resource URL Click Here. For instance, find the study guide on Amazon, tips to pass and prepare on YouTube. Check the forums to gain more tips from successful candidates, revise your knowledge by training with valid and updated exam dumps.  




Final Take

To become a CompTIA Network+ Certification Practice Test Questions - N10-007 Exam, obtaining certifications is an essential step. Some top IT organizations, irrespective of your role, have an essential requirement for the A+ certification. Thus, if you set the goal to become a real problem-solver in IT, the Click Here to Visit The Website URL is what you need to earn by passing only 2 exams. Prepare thoroughly and take into consideration, that there’s no better time to get certified to open up new avenues for your career!