Best Robotic Pool Cleaners 2020

  • 8 months   ago
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Cleaning a pool is not easy work. If you are still using old manual pool cleaners to do the job, then you are really missing out on the latest technology from the modern robotic pool cleaners. Probably you may wonder whether robotic pool cleaners are the best way to keep things tidy. If your pool is dirty, look for the robotic pool cleaner to effectively clean things up without sweating a thing.

These machines help to take the hassle out of keeping your pool water crystal-clear and help maintain your pool like the ones you see on TV. Before you plan to purchase any pool cleaner, you need to very careful not to regret your investment later. You need full knowledge of what machine you want as some online sites have misleading product descriptions that make it harder than ever to get a good feel for a product.

You can save your chase by going through the robot pool cleaner models of 2020 that provides you with accurate information to help you finalize your decision with speed.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus

Dolphin Nautilus model is a reliable robotic pool cleaner that is easier to operate. You do not require a hose to operate as it can be plugged into any standard outlet, saving you lots of time even for the first-time usage. For the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus can take more than one cycle to complete the job. If you are not so much concerned about the machine doing a couple of rounds to get the job done, this is your perfect model then. It is not costly, as you only need to part with a few hundred dollars. This model comes with a 2-year warranty, which in most cases it’s rare to find such a cool deal especially in the majority of robotic pool cleaners on the market. You are going to enjoy the excellent job the machine does on the floors and walls.

Zodiac Baracuda MX6 Automatic Suction Inground Swimming Pool Cleaner

No doubt most robotic pool cleaners are expensive due to their high-end technology. But for Zodiac Baracuda MX6 Automatic Suction Inground Swimming Pool Cleaner is a great choice if you are on a budget. This machine uses suction to clean your pool, so you will not get the same energy savings as you might with other robotic cleaners.

You will enjoy the results the machine does to your floor and walls. The machine boasts optimized flow control to ensure optimal performance. This robotic pool cleaner is ideal for regular pool maintenance and many users love it for its effectiveness to clean around the corners and stairs.



Polaris 9550 Sport Pool Cleaner

The Polaris 9550 Sport pool cleaner is fantastic especially for pools that may be in unconventional shapes. For those pools that are designed round in shape and large, the Polaris can navigate perfectly with no issue. The filters to Polaris are easy to remove and empty, which means you, will not have to get your hands dirty even when the cleaner files up. The pool cleaner also features a swivel function that helps to avoid tangles in the cord. One thing you should keep in mind when using Polaris 9550 is that it is not recommended to work for above ground pools.


The list above is enough to help you start getting rid of dirt from your pool effortlessly. As you buy a robotic pool cleaner, always consider energy efficiency type, type of pool you plan to use the pool cleaner, cost, and quality of the brushes.