Avoid These Deadly SEO Mistakes To Level Up Your SEO Game This Year

  • 9 months   ago
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has embarked its name as one of the most important aspects of any business’s marketing strategy. And now when the era is all about that goes online, your SEO has to be top-notch!

But, how do you ensure that? Keeping yourself up to date with the newly launched or trending SEO techniques is the best way out.

SEO is ever-changing, and to keep up with it, is not a cakewalk. You are bound to make mistakes, but a real winner is someone who learns from other’s mistakes and does not make them in the future.

So, here we are with a list of common (yet deadly) mistakes for you to be aware of these silly drawbacks that can hamper your SEO plan:

Broken Pages are not fixed by backlinks

In the corporate world, you do not hide your problem, you fix it. Similarly, if your website’s backlinks are pointing to broken pages, it calls for a fix. Broken pages are the result of several causes like misspelled URL, permanent removal of the external site and similar others. Google generally addresses such issues with the help of its crawler. It does so because, at the end of the day, you are using Google’s resources. And if you are wasting their resources, which you are, with broken pages, Google would not really be happy and in return will rank you on the extreme lower end. So how do you resolve this issue? Simply, you use redirects. Using proper redirects will help you fix this problem overnight and carve your way towards better ranking.

You end up targeting highly competitive keywords

Dreams are good but sometimes when you dream too big, they either demoralize you or overwhelm you. When you aim to target highly competitive keywords from the grass-root level, you are more perceptive to get lost in the crowd. And practically, this is the worst thing you can do to your SEO gameplan. So instead, grab on the long-tail keywords with lower competitive strength, get yourself ranking on them and then step by step level up your game. You need to begin from the ultimate scratch to reach the top, so keep achieving the little dreams at every step and very soon you will find yourself ranking on the dense keywords as well!

Today, when you have so many top SEO tools available online, this mistake should never be on your list. Tools who provide keyword research provide you long-tail keywords with competitive density for almost all industries. What else do you need?

You do not publish quality pages

No strategy, no plan, no trick or no tip would help you if you are publishing too many poor-quality pages on your website. I know it’s a pretty daunting job, to maintain the quality when you have over thousands of pages to keep-up with. But, believe me, the returns will be worth every pint of effort. Long story short, if you don’t add value to the web you will end up in the ‘omitted section’ of Google. You certainly can’t afford that. So, structure your content well, carve user-friendly designs, and post relevant and valuable content. Your content should give Google enough reasons to include in its directory! Jeff Bullas has very well explained here the common rules of successful content marketing.

You are busy over complicating things

Fortunately; SEO is not as complicated as people make it sound. But most of the newcomers or beginners in the run of getting high ranks in a given time and resources, over-complicate SEO. SEO is constantly upgrading, so it is very difficult to stay up to date. Hence the best way out is to stick to basics, the long-lasting ones, while you alongside discover and test other theories and techniques for a creative outlook.

If you have already been a victim of the results that follow these mistakes in your previous SEO campaigns, now that you have learned your lesson, be cautious. And if you are already in the middle of one, you know what to do!

But remember, all of us make mistakes, it is part of the process. The real struggle is to learn and grow!