5 Effective Ways To Make Money On Social Media!!

  • 2 years   ago
5 Effective Ways To Make Money On Social Media

Nowadays, social media plays a pivotal role in business networking. Be it for promoting newly launched products, increasing the brand’s popularity or making direct sales, social media serves as one of the great sources to earn money online.

If you have profiles in platforms like Facebook, Instagram with a follower base of more than 1000 in each one, your money making chances is 90 percent successful. However, if you don’t have that many followers, don’t worry you can always attract people with an appealing social media profile.

Once you gain a good fan base, you can start leveraging it into cash flow. The following 5 steps will explain how you can make money with social media.

1. Select a niche

Every money making opportunities need strategies. To make money in social media, you should know what are your goals, who are your target audience and based on that you should move forward. At, first you should select a niche that you are comfortable with. For example- If you have an interest in fashion and beauty, you can create interesting posts on the latest trends, season fashions, reviews on different accessories, beauty products to grab followers. The more you keep your posts user-centric and interesting with relevant information, the more your profile will gain loyal followers and set up a good fan base.

2. Create a good follower base

Having a good fan following base is very important for monetizing in social media. Make sure you are consistent with your posts in your business account. You can do ASA sessions or small competitions with gift hampers for user engagement. Make use of multiple hashtags as it is one of the biggest ways to gain followers. You can use the hashtag tools to identify the relevant ones for your posts. Use video demonstrations, paid advertising, quality contents, and mostly importantly geo-targeting to reach clients in your city or nearby areas. Finally, make use of Google analytics to track your progress.

3. Be a Social Influencer

Once you have created a good fan base it’s time to be the influencer. Make sure your account is public. The best platform for social influencing is Instagram. You can contact different brands to be their affiliate. One of the biggest platforms is Amazon. Use ‘mention’ tag and related hash tags for each brand products in your stories, posts, swipe-up stories, live videos wherever possible. Use the product page link of the respective brands each time you are promoting to guide followers to the product page. As soon as there is a sale, from your product link, the brands reward you with attractive commissions.

4. Partnership with Youtube

Youtube partnership is a great way to make money from social media. For this, you need to create a channel on Youtube and grab followers first with interesting contents. You can go for contents like- Travel, Cooking recipes, Make-up tutorials, Art and craft tutorials, Technical tutorials, online coaching on different subjects, anything that is interesting and beneficial for the users. Once you created an engaging follower base just like Facebook and Instagram, you can enter in a partnership with Youtube to monetize your videos. Youtube gives plenty of monetization choices to earn profits from your videos. The process takes time but highly profitable.

5. Sell Your Products

Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube are a great platform to advertise and find potential customers to sell your products. For example- If you make fashion accessories, write e-books, capture excellent photos, do creative craft works, you can always advertise your products and find customers in these platforms to sell your products. Nowadays you can see Facebook, Instagram flooding with this kind of products offering you options to buy them directly from the social platform itself. This is one of the effective money making strategy as from the huge number of followers you can always find potential customers and plenty of referrals to purchase your products.

Final Words

The above-mentioned 5 ways are the easiest strategies to make money from social media. Invest your time, analyze your goals and go for it. To Know more about Please visit ItsMyOwnWay.