11 Important Things You Need To Know While Shopping Online

  • 10 months   ago

Online shopping provides some of the best opportunities for shopping enthusiasts to compare prices and get some great bargains on their favorite products within the comfort of their homes. However, with the popularity and growing demand for online products, cyber attackers have started causing havoc by spreading malware for stealing sensitive customer information. Ecommerce retailers need to be wary about such cyber crimes and take all possible precautions to provide a safe and secure shopping experience to their customers. 

Most ecommerce companies may be targeted by hackers and they need to protect their websites using SSL encryption. For example, Wildcard SSL certificates can prove to be an economical and effective option for ecommerce website owners as they can be used to secure main domain and its sub-domains along with all pages of your website. Most of these Cheap Wildcard SSL certificates are available from some of the leading SSL providers. 

What are the online shopping safety tips to follow?

Online shopping has gained huge popularity worldwide across different countries and is helping consumers to get all the information regarding their products along with more offerings available through different ecommerce vendors. These days, there are mobile friendly sites which helps in enhancing the user experience and allows them to spend time in finding information about products, check reviews and get the best price based on user recommendations. 

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  • Choose HTTPS sites for greater security

SSL certificate protects your sensitive and personal information with encryption as it is transmitted across networks such that it reaches only the intended recipients. Thus, it’s helpful to choose ecommerce sites for shopping which have SSL certificate to ensure that all the information is safe from attacks by hackers. Check for the padlock and padlock displayed in the browser to find out if the site is safe and secure while shopping online. 

  • Credit cards are better than debit cards

It’s better to choose credit cards for making online transactions as debit cards carry greater risk of exposure of your bank accounts allowing direct access by hackers. On the other hand, credit cards are safe as the card issuer’s money is used while making transactions on home. Moreover, it’s always possible to get a new card issued in case you come across any credit card frauds. 

  • Use strong passwords 

Online shopping can be addictive and sometimes users tend to overlook the security of their accounts. Choose password carefully and have different passwords for every account. It’s key to remember to change your passwords regularly to prevent hacking attempts. Always shop on sites that offer multi factor authentication to get additional protection while shopping online. 

  • Be cautious about using public wi-fi

You might be tempted to use wi-fi facilities in public places including shopping malls or airports for making last minute purchases online or searching for some last-minute deals. However, you need to be aware of the risks associated or accessing Internet using public wi-fi network. There is a greater possibility of hackers trying to capture your data and financial information via public networks. 

  • Check for website and product reviews

There are plenty of shopping sites on the Internet and all of them may not be legitimate sellers. You may have to do a bit of research and study shopping sites carefully before purchasing any products.  Check out for customers reviews and feedback for the products that you wish to buy to know if you are dealing with genuine online stores. 

  • Find out information about refund and return policy

If you are purchasing an expensive item, it’s helpful to check your manufacturer’s site about their refund and returns policy. Normally, the seller must be able to deliver the item within a week which is a reasonable time frame. Check whether your store has a returns policy and if they do not, probably it may be suspicious as the seller may not be legitimate. 

  • Stay alert from scams and frauds

Scammers pretend to be like real businesses and often have fake websites by featuring on legitimate sites which makes them appear genuine to the website visitors. At times, you may come across advertisements on your social media feeds, so it pays to do good research on shopping sites. Beware of shopping sites that do not have any contact details, no contact details or customer reviews with lack of store policies. 

  • Compare prices and offer before shopping

Use comparison of shopping sites to check total price of products including shipping costs, delivery charges, taxes etc. Every store has different returns policy which you need to find out to know if you are getting the best deals on the products that you are planning to purchase. 

  • Check for genuine and trusted sites

When you are shopping online, look out for seals of trusted certificate from organizations to verify its authenticity. Click on the seal to check if it opens to determine if it’s fake or not. Buy products from secure websites that provide encryption to avoid your personal data from being intercepted by hackers. 

  • Use VPN

Virtual Private Networks encrypts data which prevents hackers and ISP’s from viewing any of your private information including browsing history, credit card messages or any downloads sent through your network. VPN is a private connection which can make public network private and may be used across any of your personal devices including laptops, phones or tablets. 

  • Read online shopping policy

Most online stores do not have a clear and concise website policy for making returns and refunds. In addition, some online stores do not clear policies regarding warranties and guarantee on their products. So, it helps to go through the store policies in detail to avoid been duped as a customer. 


Online shopping is gaining huge popularity with the comfort and convenience that it offers to the customers. However, it’s important to stay informed and aware of the different type of shopping scams and frauds associated with online shopping to avoid financial losses.