How to Work From Home Effectively In 2020

  • 6 months   ago

In the digital era we are living now there are so many ways to stay productive and organized no matter if you are working in the office together with your colleagues or remotely. With the COVID-19 epidemic many people stay at home working remotely and probably will stay there till the end of the year. So when our work process has changed a lot, how to stay productive and organized when you work from home?


Organize Your Digital Workspace.

First and foremost you need to think about how you will communicate with your colleagues fast and effectively. When you were sitting together in one room, there was no difficulty in discussing projects and other important information. When everyone in the company is working remotely, you need to agree on the number of apps and means of communication you will be using daily. One of the chatting apps is Slack, while it is better to use Skype or Zoom for video calls. At the same time, you will be getting much more emails than during the office work. When we talk about emails, it is also recommended to use email software such as an email client and email cleaner app to have an organized mailbox. It is crucial to find important information fast and not to have an overwhelmed with spam and marketing newsletters inbox.


Learn Email Management Basics.

As we have mentioned in the previous tip, email remains one of the most popular communication channels when it comes to remote work. You may think that it is easy to manage incoming emails but what if you get hundreds of messages daily? First thing, you need to unsubscribe from all emails and newsletters you don’t want to receive anymore. If you have used your primary work account for registration at social media platforms, shopping and other sites, you may be getting a lot of notifications and marketing newsletters daily. Just think if you need them all in your work account. Instead, it is recommended to create a secondary email account for such registrations. However, if you have already subscribed to numerous mailing lists, you need to opt out from those of them you don’t necessarily need to keep your inbox clean and organized. If you don’t want to unsubscribe from emails manually, you can use a software or application that will help you to automate this process.


Organize Your Thoughts and Plan Your Day.

No matter how many tasks you have to do each day, we don’t keep everything in mind and can easily forget about something important. Moreover, if you start your day with thinking about what task to start with, you will waste your precious time. What is worse, you can start multitasking meaning doing several tasks at one time. This way your productivity will be significantly decreased. Instead, it is recommended to create a task list beforehand. Just spend some time before you go to sleep and plan your next day. You can organize your work tasks in one to-do list and personal activities in another to-do list. After that it is useful to set priorities and plan how much time approximately you will need for each task to be done. When you see how much time you can dedicate to a certain task without affecting the other ones, you will understand what to start your day with and if you need to be in a hurry or have some time for coffee brakes.


Curb Your Perfectionism.

Many of us prefer to work on a task until it is perfect. However, it is very rare when we can say that something is really perfect. At the same time, most businessmen know that perfectionism simply kills productivity. When you have a tight schedule, there is no way to sit at one task the whole day especially when someone else is waiting for it to get everything done on their end. When you feel that your work is done correctly and you even spent some time checking the finished product, just close it and don’t get back to it without a strong necessity.

These are the best productivity tips that will help you to stay organized and effective when working from home.