Why is the Pakistan vs India cricket match so hyped?

  • 8 months   ago

The India-Pakistan cricket rivalry is old, and they are referred to as 'Arch Rivals'. The match between these teams are always overhyped and the contest always occurs in jam-packed stadiums, whereas millions of people watch the match from their homes and workplaces as well.

The question that needs to be considered is why the matches between specifically these two teams are so hyped?

The political relations between both countries

Politics plays a significant role in severing the relations between the two countries. There is always something politically up between two countries that makes war always inevitable. Cricket is the most loved sport in both countries, hence the political rivalry between both countries contributes to the anticipation that revolves around the India-Pakistan match. 

The important contests between both teams

They say that the India-Pakistan games aren't exciting anymore, the hype doesn't seem to be justified and all but they don't realize the phrase 'India vs Pakistan is all about hype. The contests between these two teams in tournaments are mostly enjoyable and they are always competitive( except for the world cup games obviously). 

Moreover, we can't deny the fact that in 2017 Pakistan completely dominated India to steal the Champions Trophy from them in the all-important final. That match builds up even more hype for the future games these teams will be a part of. 

World cup dominance

The most important moment in the lives of cricketers is to represent their country at the world cup. Well, although that's the same for everyone but Pakistan hasn't beaten India yet in any cricket world cup match whether it's an ODI format or it is T20 somehow, Pakistan manages to lose against India every time. 

Indians watch the match hoping that their team's unbeaten streak at world ups remain intact, whereas Pakistani supporters back their team up in the hope that they'll finally beat India. Nevertheless, if we count the overall ODI win percentage of Pakistan against India we'll find out that overall, In head to head ODI contests Pakistan is way ahead of India giving more reasons to be excited for this 'Arch Rivals' to collide.



The Aggression of the Players during the match

Aggression is the real beauty of a cricketer if it's utilized in a positive direction. The players are always charged and they prepare themselves to deliver their A-game before India-Pakistan collide. This is also because the matches between these two teams due to political differences don't happen frequently now and the Arch rivals mostly face each other in tournaments such as the World Cup and Asia Cup.

There are some incidents of verbal arguments in which players from opposite sides indulge themselves. One of the popular incidents is when during a match Pakistani Batsmen Kamran Akmal got into a disagreement with India's Ishant Sharma. 

Anyways, the Pakistan vs India rivalry is here to stay, meanwhile pack your cricket bags and get back to practice. 

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