Who is better? Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo? The eternal question

  • 3 years   ago

Physical characteristics:

The number 10 from Argentina is known for being not only talented, but a bit short too. However, being short is not always negative, even less in soccer. His low gravity-center allows him to not fall easily and to protect the ball more closely as the defenders struggle more to take the ball from him. On the other hand, being a “lefty” grants him unique set of opportunities on the field, being capable of facing the opposite goal from a different angle as most players.


In relation to the Portuguese forward, his height allows him to be an aerial threat and, adding his amazing jumping capacity, his headers are a handful of problems for the opposite teams. Moreover, a strong musculature grants him a physical resistance which helps when opposite defenders clash against the number 7.

Definitely, these two outstanding players changed football history forever due to their continuous amazing performances throughout an entire decade, showing their unmatched skills in the best tournaments on the world.


Many goals Messi and Ronaldo have scored are the stuff of legend. Nevertheless they have had their fair share of misses. This is a compilation of some of them:

However, as we are here to deliver a certain “verdict”, it’s a necessity to point out who is the best in the world, and, in this case, Lionel Messi takes the upper hand.

The Argentinean takes more responsibilities in relation to the team structure as he not only finishes the chances, but actually builds most of them. The overall impact of Messi’s gameplay pushes the whole system forward through dribbles, passes and shots, in contrast to Ronaldo’s only virtue: score.

Nevertheless, the Portuguese machine will past to history as one of the best players that played the beautiful game alongside Messi, meaning we are before two soccer gods clashing in one of the best football’s eras.