Most controversial moments in football

  • 3 years   ago

Other controversial moments: 

* West Germany vs Austria: World Cup 1982.

* Portugal vs Netherland: 2006 World Cup.


* Franks Lampard’s disallowed goal vs Germany in World Cup 2010.

* Liverpool’s goal which never crossed the line vs Chelsea, Champions League semi-final 2005. 

* Henry’s version of “Hand of God” insures France’s World Cup qualification.

* Nani receives a red card against Real Madrid, Champions League 2013.

* Referee helps South Korea against Italy, World Cup 2002.

* Zidane headbutts Materazzi, World Cup final 2006. 

The drunk Referee, 2008

During the Belarusian Premier League, in the match Vitebsk vs Naftan the referee officiating the match, Sergei Shmolik was found drunk in the medical tests. After the confirmation that he was intoxicated at the time of the match, he was suspended

Passing football with hands, 2009

Passing football with hands is considered one of the biggest crimes in a football match, though it was committed by French player Thierry Henry in the French vs Ireland match in 2009. He used his hands to pass the football to William Gallas. This happened not only once, but twice in the game. The match was still in the favour of France and they won the game by 2-1.

Racist comments, 2011

The match was going on between the Queens Park Rangers and Chelsea in the year 2011. The captain, John Terry of Chelsea was caught using abusive and cursing words for the Queens Park Rangers player Anton Ferdinand. Using racist words for Ferdinand got Terry banned for four games and was also fined £220,000.

Biting someone, 2010, 2013 and 2014

Luis Suárez has been in controversy not only once, but thrice for biting players during the matches. The first victim of Suárez’s bite was Otman Bakkal during the match between Rivals Ajax and PSV Eindhoven in the year 2010. 
In 2013, Suárez bit his second victim, the Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanović during the Premier League match between Liverpool and Chelsea.
Such third incident took place in 2014, when Suárez bit the Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini in the match between Uruguay and Italy in the World Cup Group D decisive game.