Jan Oblak: Atletico Madrid's unique goalkeeper

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Jan Oblak is a Slovenian professional football player; he started his professional playing career quite early. Jan is one of the best goalkeepers in the Real Madrid club and he also holds the record for La Liga's most expensive transfer goalkeeper from 2014 to 2016.

Biography of Jan Oblak

Jan Oblak was born on January 7, 1993. He is a Slovenian professional football player. He currently plays as an official goalkeeper for the Atletico Madrid club in Spain and the Slovenian national team. 
Although not appearing in many newspapers, Jan Oblak is still admired for his talent as one of the top goalkeepers in the world right now. With these statistics, Oblak is definitely the best goalkeeper in the world at the moment.
Jan Oblak was born in the town of Skofja Loka in Upper Carniolan. He started playing football at the age of 5 for the Locan FC club. At the age of 10, he moved to the Olimpija youth academy, where he remained until the end of the 2004/2005 season, which was also the time when the club was dissolved. Oblak then moved to Bezigrad, the newly formed club, after a series of name changes, becoming Olimpija Ljubljana in 2008. He made his professional debut for Olimpija Ljubljana in the 2009/2010 season at the age of 16.
On June 14, 2010, Oblak signed an official contract with Benfica club in Portugal. He later joined Olhanense on loan from January 2011 until the end of the season. The following season, Jan Oblak continued to play for Uniao de Leiria until the end of the season. In August 2013, Oblak signed an extended contract until 2018 with Benfica. He won the tournament's Best Goalkeeper Award on July 6, 2014, with the Portuguese team.
On July 16, 2014, Atletico Madrid announced that they had reached an agreement with Benfica on the transfer of Jan Oblak, just waiting for medical examination. The Madrid club paid 16 million euros for the Slovenian player, making him the most expensive goalkeeper in La Liga history at the time. Oblak moved to Atletico Madrid on a six-year contract to replace Thibaut Courtois, who returned to play for the Chelsea club after the loan term expired.
It was the time at Atletico Madrid that made Jan Oblak's career more developed. He debuted Atletico on September 16, 2014, in a 2-3 defeat against Olympiacos in the framework of the Champions League group stage match. Thanks to his outstanding performance and effort, in February 2016, Oblak was awarded a contract extension until 2021.
After the end of the 2015/2016 season, Oblak won the Ricardo Zamora Cup for the best goalkeeper. He only conceded 18 goals in 38 matches, equaling the 22-year-old record of the legendary Francisco Liano. In the following season, he continued to feature in the UEFA Champions League team of the season and won the second Ricardo Zamora trophy. He also shortlisted for the 2017 Golden Ball and finished with 26th place with 4 votes.
On November 6, 2018, Oblak kept a clean sheet in a 2-0 win against Borussia Dortmund in the UEFA Champions League group stage. This helped him set a record of 100 clean sheets for Atletico Madrid. On April 17, 2019, Oblak agreed to extend a 4-year contract with the club, keeping him on the team until 2023.
Competition style of Jan Oblak
Based on the performances on the football field and the statistics that experts have given, Jan Oblak is undoubtedly the best and most stable goalkeeper in the world at the present. There is only one word to describe him, which is  "good". In situations where goalkeepers often have to punch away or push away from the crossbar - the vertical post, Oblak still catches. That is, instead of constantly flying people from side to side to blocking the shot, Oblak prevented those dangers with just one catch.
Picking a good position is an outstanding quality of Oblak and he also possesses extraordinary reflexes. All that Oblak shows is the maximum focus when the opponent enters the penalty area.
The personal life of Jan Oblak
Oblak's father is Slovenian, his name is Matjaz Oblak, and his mother, Stojanka Oblak, is from Bosnia and Herzegovina. His sister, Teja (born in 1990) is a professional basketball player and a member of the Slovenia national team.
Oblak comes from a sports family. His sister Teja Oblak is currently the mainstay of the ZVVZ USK Praha women's basketball club in the Czech Republic and is also the Slovenia national player. Teja has previously played in many countries from Slovenia to Hungary, Slovakia or Poland. His father, Mr. Matjaž, is also an amateur goalkeeper.
Oblak is quite secretive about his personal life as he is not using social media, lazy to interview, and rarely shares about his private life.
Atletico Madrid fans had a song dedicated to Oblak, adapted from the song Djobi, Djoba by the famous brand called Gypsy Kings. "Obli, Oblak, every day I love you more", Oblak along with NBA star Luka Dončić, are the most famous sports stars in Slovenia. They have maintained a strong friendship over the years, especially when Dončić played for Real Madrid's basketball team from 2015 to 2018.
"I made an important decision last fall, which is to focus on playing where I feel most comfortable. And it's hard to say it is any place other than Atletico. I've had sadness here. I also have a lot of fun. Moreover, I will be devoted to Slovenia. That is more than enough "- Oblak shared with Marca. This statement nearly quelled all hopes of buying Oblak from the big European teams. This 26-year-old goalkeeper has spent 5 years playing for Atletico Madrid since moving from Benfica. He perfectly replaced the position that Thibaut Courtois left. Oblak is still under contract with Atletico until 2021 and currently, he enjoys nearly 10 million euros a year. 
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