FIFA World Cup 2018 : The spectacular stadiums that will welcome fans in Russia

  • 3 years   ago

Favorites for the World Cup:

Brazil will be playing in the World Cup again as they are the only nation to play in every single World Cup ever held. They have an amazing squad this time and are one of the favorites to win. Other than Brazil, France is also one of the favorites to win as they have the best squad depth with an amazing bunch of talents. Spain is also one of the favorites as they still have one of the best squads in the world. Spanish legend Andres Iniesta will be playing his last World Cup for his country. Germany is a team that is always counted as one of the top picks to win as the defending champions will be looking forward to having a back-to-back title win. Other than these teams, Belgium, Argentina or Portugal could shock the world by winning the cup.


Only time will tell which national team will have the privilege to be called the World Champions but one thing is for sure, the whole world will be watching the greatest show on earth to find out.