Could IPL 2020 be played outside of India?

  • 8 months   ago

News reports indicate that the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is considering holding the 2020 Indian Premier League (IPL) outside the country. The move has been necessitated by the problems triggered by the novel coronavirus, which continues to disrupt sporting activities around the world.

The BCCI is said to be looking at the option as the last resort. Several other solutions are still on the table. If the board decides to play outside India, the move will not be the first. In 2009, South Africa hosted matches between 18 April and 24 May while the 2014 edition was played in the United Arab Emirates and India. 

The 2020 edition of the league was postponed indefinitely since late March when emergency measures aimed at curbing the spread of Covid-19 came into effect. 

According to recent reports, the Board of Control for Cricket in India is divided in terms of the venue for the 2020 IPL edition. Board members voted three to two as most officials favor playing the league in India. 

On the other hand, the International Cricket Council is also pondering the next move regarding the T20 World Cup, which is set to kick off in Australia between 18 October and 15 November 2020. 

According to Pradeep Singh, an accomplished cricket journalist featured on, and times of India the future is uncertain for the 2020 IPL.

“We have seen many other large sports events being canceled or postponed. EURO 2020 is one of the largest. I have large doubts that the IPL will be played this year”

Balancing act 

One of the BCCI board members told reporters that hosting the matches in India will indicate that the worst is over and life is returning to normal. The official stated that this is the dominant view on the board. Few members have highlighted their willingness to have the matches played in another country if the situation demands. 

The majority of officials are keen to send a positive message about the country's fight against the virus. Furthermore, officials have expressed concern about the need to implement fresh guidelines to suit the situation in another country. The possibility of playing in India also entails long-distance travel players and other participants.

Individuals supporting taking the 2020 IPL league outside India emphasized the need to prioritize the resumption of the league. Canceling the league is an unwelcome prospect that is difficult to accept for the officials. Additionally, officials highlighted the importance of ensuring the safety of players and everyone involved in the tournament.

Meanwhile, an official of a franchise stated that the priority should lie with hosting the matches in India. The official added that the country needed to show the world and citizens that it is handling the pandemic properly. Hence, the need to work tirelessly to host the 2020 league locally. 

The franchise official noted the significant increase in costs associated with moving the tournament outside of the country. For this reason, the official believes that most of the teams would support hosting the league locally. 

Getting back in the groove

Many cricket players from different parts of the world are looking forward to the 2020 IPL matches. Players are ready for playtime since Australia informed the International Cricket Council that the country is not ready to host the T20 World Cup between October and November as planned. 

The Indian Premier League presents an opportunity for the players to become again as countries around the world tentatively restart sporting activities. Deepak Chahar, who plays for India and Chennai Super Kings, told reporters that he was hoping to resume playing by participating in the T20 World Cup in Australia. 

The player expressed his desire to get back in the groove gradually. He is also convinced that the IPL provides the ideal opportunity to return to competitive cricket following the coronavirus induced break. Like many other cricketers, Chahar feels that playing several games makes it easier to find a rhythm once again. 

Participating in warm-up matches helps players prepare for the major tournaments, such as the 2020 Indian Premier League. Players should not play a Test or ODI immediately after coming from a prolonged break. Doing so can have negative consequences on the player's body. The same applies to lifting heavy weights in the gym during the early stages.

Deepak also pointed out the importance of playing the IPL for bowlers and all cricketers. The IPL is known for its top cricketing standards, which provides players the ideal level of competition as they recondition after the Covid-19 break. However, players need to spend considerable time in camp before the 2020 IPL matches commence.

Kuldeep Yadav, a spinner for India and Kolkata Knight Riders, is another player who is yearning to return to cricketing action. He told reporters that he is excited after hearing about plans to play IPL matches locally or abroad. Kuldeep noted that playing in the Indian Premier League is vital since the T20 World Cup is unlikely to take place between October and November.

The player promised to perform at his best if the IPL commences after the lengthy break. He stated that the tough competition will generate confidence for Indian cricketers ahead of major international tournaments, such as the Australia series.