Are You More Messi Or Ronaldo? Find Out Which Star You Are Most Like

  • 2 years   ago
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Messi and Ronaldo both have various ways of addressing discipline issues on the pitch during play with Messi looking like the most discipline. When Messi is hacked and kicked several times on the pitch he does everything to stay on his feet thus making his reaction more matured that of Ronaldo who usually easily falls down easily to the benefit of his team. Although no one is perfect Ronaldo easily shows his frustration.


Football players can use their head and legs to score goals but with Christiano and Messi, Messi has proven to be great with the legs as compared to how great Ronaldo is with the head. Messi is left-footed and finishes his scoring opportunities on that side with finesse and also it is

difficult for him to go off target with that foot. Ronaldo is a right footed player who puts sheer power on the ball but can also be dangerous with the left leg and also very good in the air with the head.

Generally speaking Messi and Ronaldo are great players with each of them dominating in various criteria of comparism but Messi is noted for holding his own and most of the time defenders have a foul for trying to knock him down. On the other hand Ronaldo is criticized for not using his more physical structure thus easily tumbles. Furthermore Messi influences big games more than Ronaldo but Ronaldo has more career goals than Messi but I think comparing them is difficult to decide.