Zenith, The Classic Luxurious Watch For Someone Like You

  • 1 month ago

For 148 years, Zenith has been one of the brands to create classic luxury timepieces. Their products are widely appreciated especially the Zenith El Primero Chronograph movement. This type of movement has a refutable precision even though it is more than 40 years old.

The Zenith brand has a vibrant history. Did you know that they are still making these hand-made watches in the same location as where they started? It is one of the main reasons why Zenith is chosen by several watch enthusiasts worldwide.

Elite Moonphase Automatic Grey Dial Men's Watch Men's Watch

The price of this Zenith watch is ¥504,455. It has a metal composition for the case and an alligator leather for the band. The color grey complements the see-through sapphire glass crystal on it’s back.

The watch is using an Elite 682 for its movement specification and 27 jewels on it. The moon phase design has a lovely color blue that perfectly blends with the grey color on the face and the band.

Elite Classic Automatic Silver Dial Unisex Watch

The classic watch is another model for the Elite type of Zenith’s timepieces. This watch is perfect for people who love classic watches with vibrant colors. The combination of red for the band and silver for the casing complements each other.

It is priced at ¥572,637. The composition of its band is leather, and the casing has stainless steel. Although it uses leather for the band, it still has a water-resistance of 50 meters in depth. Whether you are a man or woman, this classic watch can be used by both since it is unisex.

Chronomaster Revival El Primero Automatic White Dial Men's Watch

The watch is currently priced at ¥774,546. The color white on its face perfectly matches the stainless steel material in both case and band. It has the shape of a Tonneau and has a diameter of 37 millimeters. 

It’s always amazing to see a see-through back on watches. You’ll be able to see how the mechanisms work, and on this watch, the back is composed of sapphire glass crystal. It uses an El Primero 400 for the movement specification with 31 jewels. And it has a 50 meters depth of water resistance.

Pilot Type 20 Rescue Automatic Grey Dial Stainless Steel Men's Watch

The color black and grey amazingly blends. The touch of yellow also fits the design of the watch. Priced at ¥655,637, this watch is rounded in shape with a solid back and a diameter of 40 millimeters.

It has Calfskin Leather for the band and stainless steel for the case. Its movement specification uses an Elite 679 and has 27 jewels. The water resistance for this watch has a 100 meters depth.

Zenith Defy Classic White Dial Men’s Watch 41mm

The design for this watch is simply mind-blowing. It has an industrial design on the face that combines well with its color skeleton. This kind of design gives you the feeling of looking at another see-through or transparent back of the watch.

The watch is priced at ¥509,000; it uses ceramic material for the case and rubber for the strap. The hands are skeleton with silver flange, and it uses an Elite 670 SK specification for its movements. Lastly, it has a 100 meters water resistance.

Types of Zenith Watches

There are six types of Zenith watches listed on the website. They are Chronomaster, Pilot, Elite, Defy, Captain, and 50th El Primero Anniversary. The Zenith Chronomaster takes the first place for ranking, followed by another Chronomaster, a full skeleton dial type, then Zenith Pilot, and Zenith Defy as last.

Zenith El Primero is one of the technologies that separate them from other luxury watch brands. Till today, El Primero is still the world’s precise caliber. It has the capability of measuring a tenth of a second.

Another height made by Zenith was Zenith Pilot. It was released in 1909; the brand took advantage of its association with an array of timekeeping instruments. The watch was a reliable companion since it withstands every flight.

The Zenith brand gives good value as they are still developing and improving their products. As one of the luxury watches brands in the world, they produce quality classic watches with a vibrant history.


Zenith is one of those great companies that can come up with ideas that will help with our daily lives. They deserve the luxurious brand since their technology reached a new height and gave us a great history. Zenith is a unique luxury watch company on its own.