Useful Tips on How to Choose Best door Knobs for Your Doors

  • 1 month ago

When you are decorating your newly built or bought house, you put in a lot of thought into the details. However, such details as door handles usually escape the mind. It is true that door knobs or handles serve a practical purpose – they open and close your doors. Nevertheless, you should not underestimate the touch that a properly chosen door set will grant your home. Today we are going to bring up the main ideas and tips on how you can choose the best door knob or interior door hardware set that fits your taste.

Nowadays, we have got several options regarding door knobs. Finding out the most suitable door knobs for your house or office, depends a lot upon your knowledge about door knobs. Apart from that prior knowledge about the varieties available in the market, you are also supposed to make a  checklist of your personal needs.   

Door handle types

First things first, you should distinguish between the two main types that interior door handles come in. They are knobs and levers. There is a difference between the types, and both of them come with certain advantages as well as disadvantages.

Knobs. There are a few shapes that knobs come in so that you can fit them to almost any interior and style. Knobs are quite childproof, however, they may also be difficult to open for people with disabilities. Also, it does not matter whether right- or left-opening your doors are.

Levers. This type of door handles is as versatile as the knobs and can be well fitted into any décor and interior. On the other hand, levers are less childproof but easier for older adults and people with disabilities to use.

Handle set types

Every handle type has a particular handle set. In fact, there four main handle types. They are:

Passage. It usually comes without a lock and is used on hallway doors.

Privacy.Such a handle set comes with a button on one side. No traditional key needed.

Dummy. Dummies do not move nor lock, so they are mostly used on closets and other doors that do not require either latching or locking.

Keyed entry. As you may have guessed from the name, this handle set has a lock from both sides.

Interior door handle finish

Not all the knobs and handles come coated with the same finish. There are a few popular finishes that you can choose from:

Brass.Such a finish fits into classic décor perfectly.

Chrome. Either modern or retro, you decide to go with your décor. Such a handle finish will suit either flawlessly.

Nickel. The rustic interior is on the edge of popularity these days. If you prefer the style, then nickel handles are what you need.

Bronze. This is that one type of door handle finish that can fit in any décor seamlessly.

Black. Not so many people choose the black finish, but if you are into contemporary style, you may as well consider it.

Crystal.In case you are looking for something quite modern, but with an antique touch to it, then a crystal knob is there for you.

Hand-painted. If you are an artist yourself or you are looking for a unique vibe introduced into your interior, then hand-painted knobs are number one on the list.

Drawbacks of having door knobs 

Even though the door knobs have made their mark in giving character and strengthening the theme of your room; still there are a few drawbacks that will make you think before installing door knobs.

For example, they are not easy to hold. So, if you have got some feeble and frail persons at your place, then you should consider your decision of having them at your entrances. 

Another issue is of security, door knobs are not as secure as a door lever. Intruders can easily cut the bolt and you cannot add much security accessories along with a door knob. Thus, I will prefer door knobs for rooms, and other interior entries, instead for the main entrance of your houses or offices. 

As you can see, your door handle sets require more consideration than you could have ever imagined!