Trendy Asian hairstyles

  • 7 months   ago
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Our hairstyles play an essential role in presenting ourselves. And among all the countries, Asian countries such as Korea and Japan are best known for brand new hairstyles, especially for men. It doesn't matter. Your hair length is short, medium, or long, Asian hairstyle will give you a perfect fit. If you are seeking to give your hair a trendy look, the following written information is for you. Read this article and know about the coolest Asian hairstyles, including the Long Bob Haircut. 

So, Boys and girls, are you ready to style your hair with the trendy Asian hairstyles. Let's with girls first because of ladies always.

  • Finger Layered Hair

One of the most relaxed and most comfortable hairstyles to carry. Also, it is prevalent among Korean girls as it quite suits their face shapes. If you are visiting any place from Asian countries, specifically Korea, you'll be seeing that most of the girls having this hairstyle. Also, this hairstyle is wearable on girls with any hair (So short or so long).

  • Long Bob Haircut

A long Bob Haircutalso is known as  "lob" can be called as a "hairstyle of the year." This hairstyle doesn't care about hair volume, thickness, stickiness, straightness, or any texture. Because it just offers a pleasant and fashionable look and also allows you to wear it with any outfit. If you have long hairs and just tired with your old look, go and get your bob haircut done. You can choose a bob haircut for your long hair as it has many options such as A-Line Bob, Long Angled Bob, Messy Bob, Bob with Bangs, Layered Bob, Slicked back long bob, Short on one side bob, Slanted bob, and many more. 

  • Loose wavy hairs with twisted side

If you are going for hanging out, office, or even for your college, just a perfect hairstyle to carry. And you will watch this hairstyle casually on most of the Asian girls as it suits their pretty faces. It gives a boost to them as the loose wavy hair in the back looks so amazing, and the twisted section added this hairstyle like a cherry on the cake. 

  • Sleek Hairstyle

A hairstyle is a traditional one, often to come across in Asian and countries, and the cutest one. A silly sleep hairstyle is always seeing in Asian movies and TV shows. If you don't have silky hair, take your straightener and straighten your hair. Don't forget to try this hairstyle when you are wearing a short dress and going for a date. 

Boys, now it's your turn. Let's have a look at the trendy Asian hairstyles for men. Let me reveal a secret that Asian countries are best known and most popular for men's hairstyling. 

  • Naturality and Mess together

This is a hairstyle where you can style a natural and messy look together. This hairstyle doesn't demand any specific hair texture or hair length. The hairstyle looks like; short hair on the sides and longer hair on the top. 

  • The classic side part look

Let's dive into a hairstyle which is famous since the 50s-60s, but still, Asians are using this in their trends. One of the hairstyles which are highly recommended for working professionals or business people. Just get this hairstyle done, if you are specifically looking to have clean and smart style. 

  • Wavy Fringe on the top

One of the coolest Asian hairstyles for boys. This is highly recommended to college-going boys and wrappers as it suits their personality. It looks so amazing with wavy fringes on the top and short fade hairs on the sides. Korean guys present it more than any other country of Asian. 

  • Cute bun in the back

Man, buns have become the most popular among men in recent years. It looks so cool and charming to see a cute bun in the back hair of the men. Especially if you are a college-going boy or a guitarist go and get this hairstyle done. 

  • Asian Undercut

In today's Asian world, undercut is one of the hottest trends among all Asian guys. Though, Asian undercut is not the name of a unique hairstyle. It is a type which is present in several hairstyles with short hairs. But the most common thing in an undercut is that it reduces the length and thickness of the side hair and emphasizes the longer hair on the top. Asian undercut for Asian men includes the slicked back undercut, comb over undercut, Pompadour, Fringe, quaff, etc. You can choose the one whichever suits you.