Top 5 diet trends in 2021 to stay healthy and active

  • 5 days   ago

A nutritious diet plays a crucial role in keeping us healthy, active, and fit. And during this global pandemic, it has become more important to have a diet plan that will boost your immune system. So, here are the top 5 diet trends in 2021 that you can opt for.

Top 5 diet trends for 2021:


Immune system supporting diet

To fight with COVID-19, it is necessary to include Vitamin C and Vitamin E rich foods in your diet like avocados, grapefruits, etc. These will improve your immune system making you strong to fight the virus. Some other healthy foods to have are green tea, berries, eggs, garlic, etc.

Keto lite

Keto lite has come from the original keto diet. In the keto diet, we take our body into ketosis by having more fats and very limited or zero carbs. In this process, the body produces energy burning the fats which speed up the weight loss process. In keto lite process, we take more protein, moderate fats from potential sources like avocado, almonds, coconut, and very low carbs. It includes gluten-free foods as well.

Plant-based flexitarian diet

The aim of this diet is to take all proteins from the plant-based sources like pumpkin seed proteins, pea protein, almond protein, etc. It does not exclude animal-based proteins

Intermittent fasting

Often, this diet is considered to be a fast process for weight loss. In this diet, people literally lose weight by simply not eating for the majority of the day. For example, they restrict their eating period to an 8-hour block and fast for the other 16 hours.


The full form of DASH is Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension. This is designed to prevent heart diseases and high blood pressure. This focuses on consuming normal healthy foods like veggies, whole-grains, fruits, fish, poultry, nuts, etc.