Top 10 Sunglasses To Wear In India

  • 2 years   ago

Sunglasses are a necessity nowadays, especially in India. Summers here are excruciating, with the warm sunny mornings and the scorching afternoon, you got to wear sunglasses no matter what. Also, you have to make sure that the sunglasses you choose to wear protect your eyes 99 to 100% from the harmful UVA rays. Here, we will tell you about the top 10 best sunglasses brand in India which people choose without even thinking for a second. These brands are loved by both men and women.

There are a plethora of different kinds of sunglasses available. Different shapes, styles, frames, colors, and sizes. You can go for an oversized frame, aviator, wayfarer, oval, square, rectangular, and different types of sunglasses. The list we have prepared here are based on UVA protection quality, brand value, quality, and also the popularity.

  1. Ray-Ban: Ray ban has to be on the top if we are talking about some of the most trustworthy brands in India. Both men and women adore Ray ban glasses. Ray ban has an abundance of style to offer for everybody. You can choose everyone’s favorite Aviator, or you can pick an oval, rectangular, and an over-sized frame. The choice is all yours. The price for a Ray ban glass starts from Rs. 2000 and go beyond Rs.4000.
  1. Fastrack: The next that we have on our list is Fastrack. Fastrack sunglasses are affordable and extremely sturdy. You can check out the price for Fastrack sunglasses online. The minimum you will be paying for a Fastrack sunglass is Rs. 795 and it can go up to Rs.4000. Along with it, you can also check out the contact lens price with power online as well. You can wear the Fastrack sunglasses even after wearing contact lenses. You can make a choice from over-sized frames, cat eye, oval, rectangular, aviator, sports, wayfarer style, and wrap around style. You can also purchase glasses for outdoor activities as well.
  1. Polaroid: Another brand which offers affordable sunglasses is Polaroid. They provide sunglasses for boys and girls and men and women. Make a choice from the plethora of designs. Aviator, oval, rectangular style, square, wrap around, and more. Price starts from Rs.1000 and can go up to Rs. 4000.
  1. CK Jeans: CK Jeans is one of the most loved brands for sunglasses in every age group. Both men and women love to flaunt their CK Jeans sunglasses. You can choose from many designs. CK Jeans could be a little expensive for a few but it’s worth every single penny you spend. The price starts from Rs. 4000. Pick a sunglass from CK Jeans to wear while you drive and ride your bike. You can make a choice from an aviator, oval, cat eye, rectangular, and more. There are many color choices available too.
  1. Flying machine: Another most desired sunglass brand in India is the Flying Machine. Glasses for both men and women are available. If you are looking for the best-branded sunglasses in India then visit here -, then Flying Machine has to be in your mind. It is affordable and is also available in so many styles. The price starts at Rs.595. Flying Machine provides UVA protection, gradient, and polarized glasses.
  1. Van Heusen: The price range starts from Rs. 1000 and go up to Rs. 4000. Both men and women can choose from the verity of sunglasses Van Heusen has to offer. It will protect your eyes from the harmful sun rays and will also keep your eyes away from glares. You can wear them while driving a car or while going for an outdoor activity.
  1. Gucci: Well, who doesn’t know about Gucci? Ask a woman and she will tell you how bad she would want to own one. The price range is pretty high. It starts at Rs.10,000. Different shades are available, and ladies mostly wear a pair of Gucci glass when they are in full fashion mode. Gucci glasses are known to provide 100% glare and UVA protection. If you can afford a Gucci glass, then take our advice and own one pair at least.
  1. Lacoste: Everyone must have worn t-shirts from Lacoste after all the crocodile logo is so fascinating. Now, get ready for Lacoste glasses. Both men and women can buy a high-quality Lacoste glass. You can choose from different styles, like the aviator, oversized, and rectangular. There are many attractive colour options available as well. All you will have to do is just browse and choose.
  1. Vogue: If you are looking for some class and sophistication, then you can choose Vogue as your preferred brand. Vogue offers UV Protected, gradient and mirrored glasses for both men and women. Different styles are also available, like aviator, oval, cat-eye, rectangular, and more. Price range starts at Rs.2000.
  1. Oakley: Choose Oakley sunglasses to feel the best. Explore the different styles, like wayfarer, rectangular, sports, oversized, oval, and more. Price starts from Rs. 4000 and the Oakley glasses feature polarized, mirrored, and UV protection glasses. You will find an ocean full of different colors which will go with every personality.  

Here are our top picks for the best sunglasses brand in India that both men and women can wear barring Gucci. Sunglasses are not just a fashion accessory, they also protect your eyes from the harmful UVA rays and that’s why you should always go for the best brands.