Ten reasons why you should learn Quran

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The holy Quran is the only book that can help you to lead your life through the right path. There is no bound to the benefits of learning the holy Quran. Humans should learn the Quran from an early age. There is no limited age to learn the Quran.  

Humans can learn the Quran from someone who knows how to read the Quran. If you do not want to learn the Quran from someone, you can learn the Quran by the online Quran classes. In this article, we will give ten reasons why you should learn the Quran.

Why you should learn Quran

In life, there is no doubt that every person will go through a phase where they will feel blank, confused, frightened. Some people will become unsure about why they exist in this world. People will yearn to realize their role in this world and the purpose of living. 

Nobody is born with the knowledge of how to live their life. But there is a beautiful miracle; we were all given instructions by the Almighty Allah. The instructions manual will guide us on our journey in this world. Ten reasons why you should learn the Quran.

The Almighty Allah writes the instructions. You might be so impatient to know the guidelines. There are more reasons why you should learn the Quran. The purpose will be given below:




Guidance of life:

The Quran was written for guidance for humankind. In various ways, Allah SWT gives us instructions to live our life. All these instructions are the most right way to live our lives. It will lead us to the right path in the world. 

Reading the Quran will help you to find the direction of your life. Allah SWT has promised to humankind that reading and understanding the Quran will change our lives.

Understand the purpose of the presence: 

If you ever wonder why to exist in this world, then read the Quran. If you ever wonder how you should live in this world or the purpose of your existence, read the holy Quran. The Quran is the only instruction book that will give you all the answers to your question honestly. 

The Quran will give you a view of how to live by serving the Almighty Allah. Many verses of the Quran will teach you the inceptions of your existence. You will get to know how the Almighty created the Earth. You will also learn about how humans came into this world.

The truth about ISLAM:

The Holy Quran book is a clear message from the Almighty Allah. These messages will never change for human beings. Nothing in the Quran has changed or modified since Allah SWT made it. 

The people promote many types of misconceptions about Islam. If you read the Quran, then you will be able to learn the truth about Islam. People should learn the Quran on their own or by someone who knows the Quran. You can also learn the Quran by attending online Quran classes.

Get to know about the Almighty Allah:

The only way to know more about Allah SWT is by reading the Quran. You will find peace in your heart when you will know more about Allah SWT. The more you will learn the Quran, the more you will love it. 

You will get to know what His virtues are. The Quran will teach you how to love Allah and how you can get close to Him. In the Quran, so many definitions are given about His love, mercy, generosity.

Get to know about Afterlife:

The universal truth is humankind will not last forever. Humans are not immortal; every soul will taste the bitterness of death. But your life will not end after your death in this world. There is another life called the Afterlife.

You can get the overall idea about Afterlife by reading the Quran. Allah SWT has promised to humankind that those who will believe in Him, and live their life according to His instructed path, will experience the beauty of paradise. 

Intercessor on the Day of Judgments:

People have to stand in front of Allah SWT on the day of judgment. You have answered Him about your needs. Only who will spend their life on the right path of Islam can solve all his questions. The Quran will support you on the day of judgment. It will come as an intercessor for companions on the judgment day.

Communication with Allah:

Reciting the Quran is the purest thing in the world to do. By reading the Quran, you will get to know everything about Islam. Reading the Holy Quran is one kind of conversation with Allah SWT. When you communicate with Allah SWT, you will find ease in your heart.

Read the Quran to be a better person:

Allah SWT loves those who lead their life by following the instruction of Him. If you want to be the one who loves Him the most in Allah SWT's eyes, then you have to read the Quran every day. Allah SWT loves those who teach the Quran to others and encourage others to read the holy Quran. 

Purify your heart:

Reading the Quran affects the heart of Muslims. The Quran helps you to clean and purify your soul. The Quran removes bitterness and jealousy from your heart. It can remove darkness from your life and bring you happiness. 

Increase your Iman:

The only way to increase your faith (Iman) in Allah SWT and be the loved one to Him is to read and learn the Quran. You will learn all the information about Islam. And the more you will learn the Quran; you will love Islam; thus, it will help you increase your faith. 


There is no limitation in learning the Quran. The more you will learn the Quran, the more you will get rewarded in your Afterlife. There are so many sources available to determine the Quran. You can learn the Quran by attending online Quran classes. 

In this article, we've given the ten reasons why you should learn the Quran. We hope these reasons will encourage you to read and learn the holy Quran.

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