• 2 years   ago
Feeling bored? Let's go shopping.
Feeling sad? Let's go shopping.

Need an outfit for the evening? Let's go shopping!!!
And what better place to shop if not the shopping malls in Qatar!!

Our favourite country Qatar is home to numerous shopping malls where you'll find brands and luxuries that too of unmatched quality at a very decent price. Isn't is amazing?

Here are a few malls that must be on your visit if you have shopping on your mind.

1. LANDMARK - With a fine mixture of shopping, dining and entertainment, Landmark shopping mall is the pioneer of bringing the mall culture in country. The traditional fort like architecture fetches the interest of customers and how can we forget how much children will like the Circus Land!!

CITY CENTRE DOHA - One of the largest malls in the Middle East, City Center Doha boasts five levels of shopping including bowling options, an ice skating rink, a gaming area and an amusement park. There are also two large food courts and several restaurants for dining options.

MALL OF QATAR - One of the newest malls in Qatar, offers a wide range of options to shop from and bowling alley, gaming zones and delicious food are sure to keep both children and adults interested.

VILLAGGIO MALL - Included in the Forbes list of World's best malls, Villaggio Mall is located within the Aspire Zone. Aside from it's shopping and dining attractions, mall also has an indoor theme park, skating rink and a GONDOLA RIDE!!

EZDAN MALL - Here you'll find international brands which are not located anywhere else in the country. A worth visit mall with an indoor amusement park.
Along with the existing malls, there are manu malls which are to be fully operational in 2019

TAWAR MALL - Among it's many features, Tawar mall is going to be the first one to have a trampoline warehouse, called BOUNCE.

KATARA PLAZA - Will have the first Galeries Lafayette and the very first Evian spa.

NORTHGATE MALL - will showcase luxurious fashion shops, cafes, restaurants and more.

Other developmental malls include - Al Mirqab Mall, Place Vendome and Marina Mall which will be in your service by the end of the year.