Qatari Wedding Needs No Gifts? Get One Anyway

  • 11 months   ago
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Don’t bring gifts to a Qatari Wedding, they say. Well, whoever they are, they are more than right. It has been established that the bride and groom of a Qatari Wedding expect nothing from their guests. Which means you don’t have to actually scour the internet to find awesome wedding presents for the new couple. Which makes weddings in Qatar a great party to attend because you won’t have anything to worry about. You can just show up and have a great time. Especially if you are a lady. You want to know why? Keep reading, then.

So, the reason why is because if you are invited to the fancy female-only, invite-only, exclusive wedding party, you’re definitely in for a real treat. Why? Well, because there is, wait for it, a fashion show! We can’t make this up. Because it’s real. You see, we Qatari women, have to cover ourselves from head to toe when we’re outside of our houses and our most convenient go-to fashion when we’re outside is an abaya (which usually comes in black colour, so not much fashion effort can be noticed there). So, when we’re invited and became a part of some great party with no phones and no men, obviously we will turn it into a fashion show and dress elaborately to impress.

And again as the one who is being invited to this exclusive celebration, nothing is expected of you (as in no presents for the bride is expected). All you need to bring with you are your great fashion sense and your fabulous catwalk for the runway. So just imagine, a bunch of lovely ladies, dressing elaborately and hyping each other up (sometimes, they even throw wads of cash when they’re truly impressed by your dress and your style) until the groom finally comes from his own wedding party (this is when everyone rushes to cover up) to unite with bride and together, they will take photos together, to keep as a memento for the picture perfect wedding they just had.


With all the amazing word picture we just painted about the lavish wedding party for women, it doesn’t mean that the men side of the wedding celebration is boring. If anything, it’s the exact opposite of boring. In fact, the wedding party for men in Qatar gets so generous that it practically opens for everyone who comes across the party. Yeah, that’s right, even if you don’t personally know the groom and the family, you can enjoy the sword dance and the abundance of food at the party without worry.

That’s right, they have got food to die for and sword dance performance like you’ve never seen before. So, seriously, if you see a Qatari wedding when you’re in Qatar, you have to stop by. Not only are you in for delicious (and free) food, you are also in for a great cultural experience (and you can’t put a price on great experiences like this one).

Although of course, the ones who are actually close to the groom should be prioritised. Hey, if you’re a groom-to-be and you’re reading this right now, we suggest you get some small token of appreciation for your wedding attendees, ones who matter to you. This isn’t rocket science, you can find the best gifts for men quite easily if you search online. And you could easily land on a great deal and packages for bulk order of these kind of wedding party gifts. So, yeah, Mr Groom-to-be, let your future wife knows that she can get awesome presents for her fashion-loving party attendees too.

We fully aware that, as the ones who are being celebrated for your union of love, you would want to show appreciation to the ones who attended your wedding. Well, there’s no better way to appreciate your party guests other than party favours to commemorate the most beautiful, and undeniably most expensive too, event in your life. Because wedding gifts don’t always mean the presents that the bride and groom receive from their wedding attendees.

If you are the one who is getting married, first of all, congratulations! We wish the two of you a lifetime of happiness. Second of all, as you’re planning your life together, you probably would want to convert your beautiful and romantic wedding photos into decorations for your new shared house in Qatar (you know, you should totally celebrate the wonderful journey you’re about to embark with your permanent roommate with appropriate gifts). Check out some great ideas on what to do with your wedding pictures!




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