How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Suits For Groom in 2020 ?

  • 2 weeks   ago

Weddings are one of the most important events of anyone's life. Even if it is not your own wedding, you should not compromise with your dressing and looks if you are going to the occasion.

Well here we will talk about how you can pick the perfect wedding suits for groom. To choose the right wedding suit that makes the groom even more handsome and dashing, you have to keep the factors in mind that will help you to choose a perfect suit.

There are many factors but considering 4 top factors is enough. The 4 factors that you should check while getting a suit are;

  • Choosing the suit style.
  • Choosing the color of the suit.
  • Choosing the necessary accessories for your suit.
  • Choosing between renting or buying a suit.

The Wedding Suit’s Style:

Style of wedding suits for groom is determined by noticing some factors and choosing accordingly. The factors include; time of the day, season, wedding theme and location. In these, the time of the day and season are the most important factors to keep in mind.

If the wedding event is planned in the hot season or on a sunny day time then you should choose a light colored suit that is made with breathable material like fabric. Else it will get really hot in that suit on a sunny day or warmer season.

If it is going to be less formal, then you can also go with an open-neck shirt with or without a tie. Some people often choose collared shirts with short-length pants along with suspenders, mostly if it is a beach wedding theme.

Coming to a colder season you should go with a darker color suit like navy color that is made out of a little heavier fabric. Want something formal? Adding a waistcoat to the suit will easily make it even more formal.

A tailored suit is always a better choice as it fits well. A well fitting suit always looks more gorgeous no matter if it costs less or not than a ready-made suit.

The Wedding Suit’s Color:

The suit color also depends on the same factors, wedding theme, the season and color matching between groom and groomsmen. Within these factors the wedding theme is the most important one to keep in mind while choosing the color for your wedding suit.

There are many kinds of wedding themes, but here we will talk about 3 most common themes, through those you will have an idea about other themes too.

Firstly, the Vintage theme. If your wedding theme is some sort of vintage theme then you should choose a more shady color like grey or brown. Coming to a more modern wedding theme, nowadays people choose to go with a suit with a white blazer and black pants.

And for a more classic look, you can go with a darker color like navy blue. Or you can also choose to be more creative with your wedding suit. If colors like bottle green and royal blue are available, then you must choose one of them.

At the end of the day, it all depends on the season and time of the day that your event is planned. For example choosing a tuxedo in a sunny day time wedding is not a good idea. Just like that, go for lighter colors if your wedding is fixed on a warmer season and go for darker colors if it is set on a colder season.

The Wedding Suit’s Accessories:

There are some must use accessories that we have listed below, you can also add more accessories if you want but it is better to keep the count low.

  • Ties (bowtie/long tie).
  • Cufflinks.
  • Boutonnieres.
  • Pocket Squares.
  • Watch.
  • Suspenders.
  • Shoes & socks.

Rent Or Buy A Wedding Suit?

It depends on your post wedding plan for the suit. If you are not looking for a suit that you are going to wear on another occasion after your wedding, then you should rent it without any doubt.

But if you are going to wear that suit even after your wedding then you should buy one. We would recommend getting a suit tailored, it may cost little more but it is a better choice if you want to use it post wedding.