How to change your style according to the last fashion updates

  • 10 months   ago
How to change your style according to the last fashion updates

If you want to change your style according to the last updates in the fashion world, you might be tempted to go shopping and buy brand new outfits. But that can have some downsides because the latest trends are usually the most expensive.

There is no need to do anything radical, read our guide and find 7 ways to change your style without having to spend thousands of dollars on new clothes! All you need is some free time and creativity!

1. Be interested in fashion

The first step is to be informed about the latest fashion trends. If you haven't been very interested in fashion, now is the time to change that. Subscribe to online magazines that cover fashion topics, in order to learn what is trendy and what to avoid.

Find out what colors and materials are trendy this year. Talk to people who know more about fashion than you do. The goal is simply to stay updated so you can make better decisions when shopping.

2. Inspect your wardrobe

This might be hard to do but it's finally time to do it! Look through your wardrobe and throw away some clothes that are actually out of fashion. There is one rule in fashion that goes: if you haven't worn something for one year, you probably won't wear it ever again.

There is no need to stuff your wardrobe with outdated clothes that is clearly not modern. Think about it this way: if you throw away old-fashioned stuff, you will make space for new items! That should be enough motivation to finally organize your wardrobe.

3. Renovate your wardrobe

You don't have to buy all at once, but you should start considering renovating your wardrobe step by step. We recommend starting by buying some basic things that you can combine well.

Classic items, such as a white shirt, black dress, good pair of jeans are something that everyone needs to have. That is the starting point and once you have a good base it will become easier to plan your outfits.

When buying basic items, you should buy high-quality ones, because then you could be able to wear them for years. Basic items never go out of fashion, you just have to learn how to combine them with modern details.

You should buy some new accessories too. Never underestimate the power of accessories, it can change boring outfit into a fabulous one!

4. Find inspiration in social media

If you need some ideas, check out social media pages of your favorite models, bloggers, and celebrities. Everyone needs little inspiration and motivation. When you find someone whose style you like, don't try to copy it, rather try to create your own style, according to your budget, that will be similar to theirs. Save the images of the outfits you like and try to find something similar.

5. Do the shopping online but check the sellers via Spokeo

Life gets busy and many people don't have enough time to visit shopping malls and boutiques. It is perfectly fine to do online shopping, in fact, it will save you a ton of time, but you should be careful. If you are contacting the seller you should always do a phone number search, just in case.

You can use Spokeo reverse number lookup to avoid online scams. Spokeo services provide you with such a crucial info like criminal records and social media profiles. Use the benefits of modern technology to protect yourself!

6. Add a personal touch

There is no point in blindly following every trend. Whatever you choose, make sure you add a personal touch to your outfit. It can be something small like the detail in your favorite color or jewelry. Remember that true style is about being unique. Don't waste the opportunity to express yourself through the clothes you wear.

7. Visit different sales and the secondhand

Exclusive things are no longer reserved just for expensive boutiques! You will be surprised by the things you can find in your local secondhand shop or on sale. It is a great opportunity to find unique items and make sure no one can copy you. If you know where to look, you will discover that secondhand shops hide a lot of treasure, you just have to be patient and look carefully through everything.


In conclusion, your look is something that characterizes you as a personality. So, it is a good idea to renovate your wardrobe and change a little bit your style according to the last fashion updates. Use these tips to make the process of ‘upgrading’ more fun and easy.

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