Get The Most Affordable Home, Office Removals And Storage Sunshine Coast

  • 7 months   ago

Whether you live in a small house or flat, it's always worth hiring a professional removal company when you decide to move. Packing up and shifting the stuff may not look that difficult, there is an art to pack fragile items so that they are properly protected and do not break. Removal workers know how much weight we can carry and will do it in a safe way so you avoid hurting yourself. The storage Sunshine Coast is also important as often with Affordable Home And Office Removals, the storage requirement is also there. 

Find Out The Cost

A number of factors determine the cost of hiring a removal company. Amount of goods transport is the key consideration but the size of crew, distance travelled and the speed of packing also plays an important role in deciding the total cost. A good removal firm explains their charges and how you can lower the cost. Many firms offer a discount if you provide your own packing materials and help with the packing and storage. 

Get The Quotes

 You should get at least 3 to 4 quotes from removal and storage companies, from firms that will check your property rather than just estimate the cost on the phone. This is very important when there are factors such as restricted access or very tight stairways that affect the job. If you get a quote from a company that is unable to visit your home then you should be as honest and accurate as you can When you list your possessions and you should not forget the contents of a garage or a loft. 

If you are moving to a different part of the country, get an estimate from a firm based in the area you are moving to, as prices could be more competitive there. Ask to break down the estimate so that you see how much you will be paying for insurance, mileage, packing, hourly rate and any storage cost. This way you can compare quotes more accurately. Also find out whether overtime rates apply and if it is so at what time they start. 

If there are uneven roads, steep gradient, tight band then heavy or tall lorries don't always cope. You should check whether there are excess or parking problems, you have to contact the police and Council to get permission to unload, or to get the parking metre suspended.





Once your removal firm is chosen, send them a briefing sheet that lists -

● Items that need special packing, such as antiques, pictures and valuable objects.

● Items that are difficult to move like pianos

● Items that may need to be dismantled like wardrobes or other large furniture.

● Items that you have decided to move by self.

● A floor plan of the new place so that they get an idea and put boxes in the correct rooms when they do the unloading.

The details regarding the storage unit.

Insurance Of The Removals

Enquire what would happen if the move is cancelled or delayed and you don't get into the new property in the noon or the next day. Also check if your removals company has adequate insurance cover for your possessions and what the time limit is on claiming the insurance after the move. If there are any high value possessions , check whether they have been packed specially and whether they will be covered by the removal companies insurance in the terms and conditions. 

The removal company may restrict the liability of your items up to a certain amount per box, unless and until you inform them the value of what's inside. This may raise your quote. 

Some of the packing can be done yourself which will save on cost but remember the removal firms insurance will not cover the items that you have packed.