Famous Pinoy Celebrities Who Are Single Parents

  • 2 years   ago
Famous Pinoy Celebrities Who Are Single Parents

Being one parent isn't simple, nobody ever aforesaid tat it had been. however individuals usually don’t take into consideration specifically however nerve-wracking it are often. Each day, single folks combat te world and take care of their youngsters. Each day, they suppose ways that to create life higher and every day they worry that one thing can happen and that they won't be able to give for his or her pet ones.

Here area unit some notable celebrity single moms World Health Organization somehow build the robust job look very easy.


1. Andi Eigenmann

She as a female offspring named Ellie. within the starting, Albie Casiño was being suspected because the girl’s father. However, Jake Ejercito was established as Ellie’s pop through a desoxyribonucleic acid take a look at.

2. Jennylyn Mercado

She contains a son named Jazz along with her ex-boyfriend Apostle Garcia.

3. Jodi Sta. Maria

Despite a schedule stuffed with acting gigs and even college, Jodi invariably makes time to explore the globe along with her son, Thirdy.

4. LJ Reyes

This triumph actor has invariably been open regarding the struggles of being one mamma to her son, Aki. She conjointly makes certain he spends many time together with his pop, Paulo Avelino.

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