Event Management Gets A Lot Better with Lanyards

  • 11 months   ago
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We know that in management businesses, taking control and being able to foresee and predict issues are important. But if you’re in the event management business, it’s hard to predict oncoming issues while holding an event. Which means that even as the event manager, you don’t really have total control over what’s happening all around. And you’re just one person. It’s totally understandable if you can’t tend to every problem arises. But then your job description pretty much sums up that you need to be in control of everything in order for you to be able to make your event a successful one.

All that planning and trying to control the situation, phew. That’s a lot for a person to do. Which is why you should find some ways to minimise problems that could happen. One way to do it is through lanyards. Okay, before you scoff this off, you should know that we know how you are a perfectionist. Don’t even try to deny it. You’re in the planning business. You do planning for a living for heaven’s sake. So, yeah. We know how organised you are and how organised you like other people to be. Hence, lanyards.

The logic behind lanyards in event planning and management is that if you can colour-code your notes and your spreadsheets, you can colour-code people too. Plus, lanyards are fun. They’re like necklaces, as in they can be an accessory too. And it’s light, so nobody really mind having it hanging around their necks.


So, let’s get into how you can use custom printed lanyards to colour-code people who will be participating in your event. Differently designed lanyards can make sure that you and your event guests can tell the difference between the guests (distinguishing between VIP and non-VIP attendees), the staff members, the event runners and you, the boss of it all.

And since one lanyard can hold multiple cards, you can easily put your access card (you know the one with codes and functions to allow you to go places that other people don’t have access to) on the lanyard for safekeeping. You (including the people who have access to places you do, your assistant, your staff or even VIP guests) won’t be misplacing it or having to fish it out of your pockets or bags. Plus, if you design it right, your guests will be more than happy to keep your lanyards as corporate gifts to commemorate the event that you will oh so successfully hold. Now the lanyards are serving their purpose of promoting your brand beyond the event. Isn’t that great? Lanyard: one corporate item that can do it all.

See how a lanyard can save you from a number of troubles that may arise as you’re holding an event? And it doesn’t matter what scale your event is, big or small, organising an event can be a lot better with the use of lanyards. And there’s so much more when it comes to the extent of functionality and practicality of a lanyard. Not just for holding cards, you can attach other important stuff too. Like attaching keys on a lanyard means that your hands are free to hold other things. Or you can attach a whistle on it while you go from a walk or a run which means that you’re closer to safety in case anything happen (just blow the whistle and grab nearby passers-by’s attention if you’re being harrassed).

You can even attach your phone on a lanyard, and try and see if you will still misplace your phone after that. Lanyards can be so beneficial to so many people. So, you don’t have to wonder whether or not people who attended your event will keep the lanyard they got from you because they definitely will. Especially if you have great designs that are aesthetically pleasing. Trust us, people love that.

You see, we know that you love the part where you get to organise people as much as you love event planning. And we also know how much fun you get when you’re colour-coding things. So, come see for yourself and check out the options you in making lanyards to ease up your event management!

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