Easy ways to decorate a teenage girl’s bedroom without using the usual pink

  • 2 months   ago

There are many fun ways to decorate a young girl’s room innovatively while skipping the done-to-death pink colour. Check out these 5 ways to decorate her room and turn it into a teenage girl’s heaven.

Before you realise it, your teenage daughter has outgrown her room. It is too childish for her now and she is after your life for a room makeover. Making her room more age-appropriate can be easy and fun when done correctly. 


If your daughter is not a fan of the done-to-death pink colour, then we have for you some interesting ideas to smoothly transform her room from a playroom to a teenager’s dream room. Try these ideas to decorate her room and make it look like a grown-up girl’s cosy den.

Wall decor

To add a pop of colour in her room, paint the walls white and get interesting pop art framed and hang it above her bed’s headboard or near her study table.

String lights

Nothing makes a room look dreamier than string lights. These can be incorporated in various corners like her soft board or her headboard or on her bookshelf.

Add pastels

Instead of going for pink, add soft pastel shades like lilac, mint green, ice blue etc to give her room a dreamy and sophisticated look without making it look boring and dull.

Have a dreamy dressing area

She is at an age, where she is slowly getting conscious and aware of her looks, so set up a cosy and dreamy dressing unit for her to get ready every day in style.

Incorporate a lot of DIY decors

Encourage her to make the decor items by herself, like paintings or wall hangings to let her room reflect her personality and her interests.