Drinking 24/7, Prostitutes & Other Shocking Revelations From Jackie Chan's Memoir

  • 2 years   ago

3. Frequently visiting prostitutes 

Notwithstanding amid the beginning of his profession as a stand-in, Chan confessed to even now spending a great deal of cash on drinking, betting, and whores. As indicated by AsiaOne, he makes reference to one lady, referred to just as Number Nine, whom he routinely laid down with. "I recall the first occasion when I went to a club. I was bashful however acted like a major man, in any case. The young lady who served me – I realized her as Number Nine – was delightful, with a sweet identity. On my second visit, I basically asked, 'Is Number Nine here?' And that is the manner by which it was each time after that." "Consistently, Number Nine and I would press into her dirty little work area, the low roof ideal above us. The room wasn't soundproof either, and we could hear essentially everything around us, undeniable. There were times when I'd see individuals attempting to peep through the breaks in the entryway at us. However this little work area appeared heaven to me," he kept, as per SCMP.


4. Inferiority complex and spending problems 

Chan has additionally admitted that he had spent a lot of cash to pay for other individuals' suppers and extravagance endowments on different events. "One day I took HK$500,000 (approx. RM266,223) in real money and conveyed my whole trick group to [Emperor Group chairman] Albert Yeung's watch emporium." "I swaggered in and stated, 'Demonstrate to me your best 10 watches. Are those the most costly? With the most precious stones? Great, I'll take seven of them. No compelling reason to wrap them. I'll destroy them. Also, I'll pay money!' And with that, I turned and exited. Seven watches, one for each day of the week." what's more, when Chan's vocation started to take off in the late '70s, he referenced regardless he felt unreliable about himself. He had even referenced inclination mediocre when he dated Teresa Teng, a renowned Taiwanese vocalist who later passed away in 1995. The performer felt uneasy dating somebody who seemed more advanced and deliberately drank straight from soup bowls as opposed to utilizing a spoon at whatever point she was near. "Be that as it may, it wasn't her blame. She'd done nothing incorrectly and I'd been terribly out of line to her."