Drinking 24/7, Prostitutes & Other Shocking Revelations From Jackie Chan's Memoir

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Drinking 24/7, Prostitutes & Other Shocking Revelations From Jackie Chan's Memoir

 It's sheltered to state that nearly everybody acquainted with the differing universe of film knows exactly how enormous of a star Jackie Chan is. The 64-year-old Hong Kong on-screen character has increased universal achievement and praise for his commitments to hand to hand fighting and film throughout the decades, including a privileged Oscar. In any case, similar to any effective on-screen character, Jackie Chan's life was unquestionably not what it appeared amid the stature of his vocation. In his diary, "Never Grow Up", which was at first discharged in Chinese in 2015, the performing artist thinks back on his agitated past off camera, depicting his more youthful self as an "add up to jolt". With the unedited English variant of his novel set for discharge this week, many stunning parts of his previous life have come to open consideration. Here are only a portion of the things the Hong Kong hotshot has confessed to doing in his book.

1. Domestic violence 

While Jackie Chan addresses the generally advanced extramarital issue he had with belle of the ball Elaine Ng Yi Lei in 1999 that brought about a kid, the performer additionally confessed to harming his child, Jaycee Chan, in the wake of belligerence with his better half, Joan Lin. As indicated by the South China Morning Post, a portion from his book peruses, "Joan and I were having a contention. We achieved a stalemate, so I exited, hammered the entryway, and went to see [producer] Leonard Ho. He guided me for quite a while lastly stated, 'What's happening with you? There's no requirement for this. Simply return home, and you can both apologize'." "When I arrived, Joan was on the couch, chuckling and talking with a female companion. That made me furious [… ] Just as I was going to state something to her, Jaycee kept running in, his grasp pointed at me like weapons, yelling, 'Blast! Blast!' like he was shooting me to vindicate his mom." "At that point, he grabbed the keys out my hand and tossed them on the floor. When I bowed down to lift them up, he kicked my hand away! I was incensed. I lifted him up with one hand and flung him over the room, and he collided with the couch."


He expressed how much this incident scared his family, and he regrets his actions to this day. 

2. Alcohol abuse 

As indicated by Variety, Jackie Chan portrays how stunned he felt being so wealthy in his 20s. He depicts how he before long slipped into successive hitting the bottle hard sessions, which regularly brought about him getting in the driver's seat while alcoholic. "Throughout the day I'd drink and drive, in the first part of the day slamming a Porsche, at night slamming a Mercedes. Consistently I was in this dizzied state." "On the off chance that I was called to the studio at seven in the first part of the day, I'd land at twelve, I'd appear in dim glasses, looking drowsy. Why the dim glasses? To shroud the way that my face was puffy from a night of drinking."

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