Dos and Don’ts of Printing Lash Boxes Wholesale

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For manufacturers and retailers, getting wholesale packaging printed is quite convenient and cost-effective. There are a number of online and local printing vendors that offer wholesale product packaging at a low price range. While this might seem quite an enticing offer, many of these printers are a scam and the money that a retailer might be saving up by availing their services would be spent on reprinting. For hair and lash extension businesses, it is important to have product packaging that can sustain these items. Low-quality packaging boxes will affect the shelf life of lashes and hence customers won’t trust your brand again. If you have lash extension manufacturing business, be meticulous and vigilant with your wholesale packaging printing. Here are some dos and don’ts of printing wholesale custom lash boxes!

Do seek Professional Expertise for Lash Boxes Printing

As mentioned above, your lash products are sensitive to extreme environmental conditions, if you have to ship them to customers and salons it is all the way more important to have the finest packaging boxes. You can’t risk the quality of products and your brand’s image by relying on a service provider that is not dependable. If you already have a printing partner that you have been working with for years and there has never been an unpleasant experience, it’s good, if not lookout for a professional printer online. Have a detailed overview of the website, customer support, turnaround time and other service aspects before signing up for your custom lash packaging printing. 

Don’t Compromise on Quality of Stock for Custom Lash Boxes 

The quality of printing material for your lash packaging is crucial to the longevity of your product. Do your research on the kind of stocks available in the market for packaging lash extensions and similar items. Take your pick considering the features of your product. Cardboard is the widely used material for lash boxes’ printing. However, you need to check the thickness of cardboard variations before making a preference. Share your concerns with the printer and ask for a material sample or stock book to get an insight on what quality and features of cardboard would serve your purpose better. 

Do ask for a Sample before getting Lash Boxes Wholesale Printed 

When getting product packaging in a bigger quantity, you need to ensure that the artwork you have selected along with text details has been customized accurately. The finishing options you chose have been avidly followed by the printer, there are no misprints, text mistakes and the overall layout of your custom lash boxes is according to your liking. Tell the printer to send you a sample before getting the complete order printed, this way you will be able to make changes before it’s too late. 

Don’t fall for Unbelievably Low Price and Minimal Turnarounds 

Even if you are looking for rush printing service, don’t fall for unbelievably low price rates and same day printing claims for your product boxes. Get your custom printed lash boxes from a printing service provider that offers you affordability and a reasonable production timeframe. Don’t fall for exaggerated and unbelievable claims and promises of various online printing companies. You can share your timeline with the printer and if you get service according to that within a nominal price range, you have found the right vendor.