Crochet Braids Ideas for Busy Moms

  • 2 years   ago
Crochet Braids Ideas for Busy Moms

It is lovely being a mum. I mean it is the most pleasant and the most important job in the world for any woman. But at the same time, being a mum is the hardest round-the-clock job which often leaves no time for styling your hair or even common hair treatment. And what can you do in this case? Well, let's think now…

You like every other mom always want to look your best despite your very-very busy schedule! However, your options are limited! You can either try to visit a beauty salon before your job (although it is not feasible because when you have one or several children, a beauty salon is the last thing you think in the morning!) or try to choose the right hairstyle that will be easy to style and look gorgeous. So, I hope you realize that the second option is more realistic for you.

In this article, I`d like to focus on crochet hair styles. And it isn't just because I love to crochet in general, it is because crochet braids are one of the most comfortable ways to wear your hair within a limited time frame. Moreover, crochet braids are known as low maintenance and protective hairstyles that are perfect for busy ladies.


By the way, don`t think that crochet braids fit only African-American women! This is something of a misperception. European girls also often choose crochet braids hairstyles and don't regret about that!

Here are the best crochet braids ideas which can inspire busy moms all over the world and make their lives easier, brighter and much prettier.

Top Crochet Braids Hairstyles for Busy Moms

Wavy Hair with Front Braids


Being one of the most original crochet braids hairstyles, it looks truly amazing! The front tiny braids add some incredible charm to this style. These tine braids and the bouncy spiral crochet create a fantastic contrast and give a fluffy look to the hair.

Side Swept Accessorized Crochet


A bit messy, a bit twisted, a bit accessorized crochet braids are never a bad idea for a busy lady. This is a universal hairstyle that can complete your casual look and save much time. Moreover, such an experimenting hairstyle gives a bold edged look to your personality and add some extra charm to your beauty.

Crochet Braids with Wet and Wavy Hair

Wavy crochet hair with wet shimmer makes more romantic and tender look. For most busy moms, this is the best way to style your hair and get back your femininity.

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