Best Birthday Party for Kids: Sport & Table Game Tournament

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Are you thinking of organizing the best birthday party for your kids and their friends? Such a social gathering not only fosters unity but also helps kids sharpen their skills, talents and even enhance their mental development. Among other things, such a party should incorporate a tournament involving some of the exciting sports and table games.

Here are some ideas on the games and sports that are sure to keep the kids happy all day long;

1. Go fish card game

This is an easy to learn card game adored by many kids. All you need is a pack of 52 cards. Three or more kids can play the game where the main objective is collecting many books (4 cards of the same rank) as possible.

Once cards have been issued out, each player takes a turn in asking the opponent for a particular card, if he doesn’t have such a card then he must go fishing for it. Although it looks pretty straightforward, when you incorporate all the rules of the game it becomes challenging.

2. Hula hoop

Although this game can be played by one person the excitement shoots up when you have three or more kids playing the sport. For instance, blending racing with Hula Hoop heightens the excitement of the sport. You can have the kids form two teams.

Then two kids from opposing teams take turns competing in the sport. While spinning the Hula Hoop, let the kids run to the finish line.

3. Scrabble

For kids aged 8 years and above, scrabble forms a good mind ransacking game. It provides them with the opportunity to prove to their peers their mastery over a language. When doubts arise over the authenticity of some words, the dictionary comes to the rescue.

That forms the perfect ground for the children to expand their vocabulary level. Scrabble game can be played by two to four players.

4. Four-person air hockey

Have you ever played four-person air hockey? It’s a hooking game for kids; right from the face-off start of the game, especially when playing the tournament style. With each player positioned to hit the pack at the countdown of the referee, tension mounts and suspense unavoidable.

Players then struggle and compete for the best of seven wins. With all four players involved in the game, each player can share in the thrill. No idle boring wait for your turn to reach.

5. Ball relay

Have the kids form two teams. Then give each team a ball; preferably a big one. Let one child from each team hold up the ball between the knees. While holding the ball in such a position, let the pair hop up to a predetermined finishing line and back. Once the first pair is back, they must pass over the ball to the next duo until everyone takes part in the game. The team who finishes first becomes the winner.

6. Balloon football

Football is one of the most-watched sports; therefore, most kids would be happy to play the game. If the weather and space allow, football is best played in the open field.

However, if the outside environment can’t allow then a variation of the game is still fascinating. Simply inflate a balloon and position it at the center of a rectangular table. Let each team try to score against the other by blowing the balloon towards the opponent’s goal.


For the best birthday party games and sports ideas for kids, above are some of the exciting games and sports. Also, come up with some medals and mouthwatering dishes for the children. Otherwise happy birthday party!