6 Ways to Keep Spiders and Insects Out of Your House

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Bugs and spiders are an irritation, and they make our lovely homes look unclean. But the chemicals often used to get rid of them can be harmful to our little ones and pets. They are also harmful for the environment, as studies have shown. Going all-natural to shoo these pesky creatures away is a better way.

Checkout easy and simple ways to keep your home bug-free by using simple natural products that are 100% effective and at the same time safe as well.


Use peppermint oil to scare away pests

Peppermint oil is a strong and effective insect repellant. But it can cause skin irritation in people and pets. To avoid this, it is recommended that you mix peppermint oil with water to dilute it. Spray this potent mixture in places where you would expect spiders and other insects to hide. Also, spray it along your windows and doors to keep the bugs from entering.


Keep your house and surroundings clean

It goes without saying that pesky bugs thrive in unclean places, so to keep them at bay, it is important that you keep your surroundings clean. Dust your home completely at least once a week. Don’t forget to clean hard to reach places, like under the bed or over the wardrobe. Remove cobwebs as you see them.


Use cedar around your home’s perimeter

The smell of cedarwood is something that many insects, including spiders, do not like. So adding some cedar mulch around your house’s perimeter and in the lawn is an easy way to ensure that bugs stay out. You can also make a spider repelling spray by mixing cedar oil and water and spraying it around your home.


Put citrus peels around your house



This fresh citrusy smell is something that insects detest. You may use the peel of any citrus fruit, including orange, lemon, or lime. Place these peels around your home, near doors, windows, shelves, and other places where you suspect insects could enter your home from. Keep in mind to replace these peels every 48 hours.


Place chestnuts strategically around your home

One of the most surprising insect (especially spider) repellants is chestnut. They absolutely hate its smell, therefore, placing them strategically near doors, windows, closets, and other places will ensure that these bugs don’t enter from or infest these places.


Get a cat

Cats are cute, but they are also predators. They will chase away any insect that they see. Having a pet cat means that you will not only get to curl up with your feline friend, but also that your home will be free of bugs and rodents.


Make your own natural anti-pest spray

You can make your own natural bug repellant. To do so, mix apple cider vinegar, oil, pepper, and liquid soap well in a spray bottle. Spray this solution every other day in your home. Also, remember to spray it along your windows, windowsills, and doors so that the bugs are forced to keep their distance. Don’t forget to spray after it rains.