5 Memorable Wedding Day Styles

  • 10 months   ago
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27% of couples hire a wedding planner to help them with creative wedding day styles. Every couple wants to incorporate a wedding style that stands out from the masses. Some couples have managed to create thematic experiences unique to their relationship. 

Others hardly seem to find a style that best suits their ideal wedding theme. This creates the need to hire a professional wedding planner. 

There are many fun and memorable ideas you can work with, and here are a few among them.


1. Rustic Wedding Stye

The rustic style is typically relaxed and laidback although full of homespun touches. These include handmade chairs and wood table in a barn venue. Other venues include farms and ranches.

These bring out a natural look to your wedding’s décor. Other suitable venues are vineyards, campgrounds, mountain lodges, and recreational parks. Rustic weddings have been a choice for many couples over the years. 

Rustic weddings are best held in summer and fall as nature, and the outdoors determine their success. If you wish to have a rustic wedding during other seasons, you'll likely be limited to traditional indoor venues. 

One thing about rustic weddings is that they’re highly versatile. It works perfectly with a combination of color palettes, each of which helps you achieve a specific look. The most popular colors are burgundy and orange, yellow and navy, and coral and turquoise. 

2. Beach Wedding Style

The sound of crashing waves as you exchange your vows would make yur wedding day memorable. The feel of the fresh breeze on your skin by the shore will keep you rejuvenated throughout the ceremony. 

Guests aren’t required to be formally dressed, and you can check Azazie for informal options; view their dress offer for ideal picks. The main ceremony takes place on the beach, with the reception being hosted in a nearby venue. Most couples choose to have a handful of friends and family in attendance. 

The wedding can either be a sit-down or cocktail ceremony. The formalities are as many or as few as the couple decides.


3. Vintage Wedding Style

Old is gold, and this also applies to wedding styles. Identify an old theme and use it for your wedding. For example, you could sprinkle antique torches throughout the wedding attire for a timeless outlook. 

Most vintage wedding themes refer to the Victoria era and also to the '20s and '40s. Expression of the idea is mainly through the makeup of the bridal team, the wedding outfit, floral styles, and the venue décor and arrangement. 

 A vintage wedding may or may not incorporate a sit-down dinner. In most cases, what couples include is a cocktail session. Other highlights are jazz music, vintage photo booths and wedding cars, and a vintage-style venue. 


4. Disney

Your wedding day should in no way be all uptight. By incorporating a Disney theme, you’ll create fun in the event for your guests, both young and old. Injecting a dose of playfulness, whimsy, and nostalgia in your wedding will never go out of style. 



5. Country or Farm Wedding Style


A wedding style drawn from a country theme is all about bringing out the charm of the setting. Most country-style weddings happen in a rural setting. They feature rural themes like cowboy boots, pickup truck getaway car and farm-to-table fare. 

The styling that goes with a country wedding is mainly borrowed from a rustic wedding style. However, the difference is that a rustic wedding can be done in any setting. A country wedding is strictly held in the farm or rural areas. 

Country weddings are mainly sit-down occasions and may call for formal dressing. The couple may decide to include or forgo most of the traditional formalities of the ceremony. 

Final Thoughts

Your wedding day should not be all uptight. While it’s one of the most important days of your life, it also should bring some fun and memorable moments with it. How well your wedding day will be remembered depends on the wedding style you choose. 

Among the most memorable wedding styles are vintage, rustic, country-style, and beach weddings. Disney wedding things are also gaining popularity to bring some fun and glamour for the guests. If done right, each of these wedding styles will leave you with nostalgic memories about your big day.