Warning: If You Feel Your Phone Is Vibrating When It Isn't, Then This Is What It Means

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I was in the bus, on my way to the office. Suddenly, I felt that my mobile phone was vibrating. When I checked, there was no text, no call, no notification but still I felt it.

According to a survey, 80% of people experience this. 

Read on to know what it is.


Survey indicates that the more we use our phone, the more we get addicted to it. Thousands of new apps and unlimited access to internet keep us engaged with mobile phone throughout the day.

Social need:

We want to be missed and want people to remain in touch with us all the time. This is the reason why our brain thinks that someone missed us and texted us. But this is not the reality.

Time spent:

According to the survey, the more time a user spends on the phone, more are the chances that he will experience this phenomenon. This is called phantom call, a phantom text. 

People feel phantom call when phone is on desk.

 People feel that their phone is vibrating even when it is placed on the desk. If it happens four times a day, then it is a serious issue. 


Teens vs adults:

Compared to people who are above 30 years of age, teens are more prone to getting phantom calls, phantom text.

Smartphone users:

Smartphone users tend to feel phantom text more than the feature phone users.

Not a disease:

Phantom call or phantom text is not a disease. But the user who feels his phone is vibrating will find it difficult to spend a day without it.


Try to spend less time on the phone. This will decrease dependency on the phone. 

Source: wittyfeed

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