Here's more evidence the iPhone 8 will be all screen

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With (presumably) only five months to go until the big reveal, the rumors and speculation about this year's iPhones are ramping up nicely. Now we have more evidence that at least one of the models unveiled by Apple in September will just about completely do away with the bezels on the front of the device.


When we say "evidence", it might not hold up in court, but the Chinese Weibo tipster who shared these images has got something of a track record for Apple kit. Plus, the design of the phone in these pictures lines up neatly with previous leaks we've seen recently.

The leaked sketch and rendering show a device that's 137.4mm tall and 67.54mm, making it an almost exact fit with the dimensions of the iPhone 7 . As many earlier rumors have suggested, the home button, complete with Touch ID, is going to sit below the glass.

Or is it? One or two whispers have suggested that Apple can't figure out how to embed the necessary fingerprint smarts under an all-glass front screen, which means the Touch ID button would have to get moved to the rear. Maybe not even Apple knows at this point.

The images also show a vertical dual-lens camera, which we've heard about before - apparently it's going to power some interesting 3D and augmented reality effects on the next premium-level iPhone. There's still a lot we don't know though, not least exactly how many different models Apple is planning to unveil.

It's worth reiterating that these pictures may not come directly from Apple - plenty of designers are having a go at iPhone 8 mock-ups right now - but we think the track record of the source and the similarity with other rumors makes these images worth taking note of.

Apple only recently launched the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, but it's never too soon for new handset rumors, especially when we're talking about a phone as popular as the iPhone, and 2017's model will be the handset's tenth anniversary, meaning it's sure to undergo big changes.

That could all start with the name, which is likely to be the iPhone 8, rather than the iPhone 7S, marking the phone out as a big jump rather than a minor refresh.

Based on early rumors it seems the design, specs and features could all get a major overhaul, and we've got all the latest details on the direction the phone might take.

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