5 Golf Tips For Beginners On How To Hit The Best Drives

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A warm welcome to the gentleman’s gaming world - GOLF, one of the most enthusiastic game. Why is golf considered as a gentlemen’s game? The most important reason is that golfers are expected to follow the rule, no matter who is watching the game.


The game is based on “Golden Rule” where for any wrong move, players have to pay penalty. The game is just a handful of shots : the approach, steady drive and a test from the sand. To learn the game, contact any experienced player. Have you heard about an avid Golfer Achal Ghai? If not yet, then contact him on any social websites like linkedIn, twitter or Facebook and learn golfing tricks to hit the best drives.

Still, here I come up with five golf tips for all those beginners who love to play & learn the game…

1.First of all, think of your drives as a shot, not a performance. The tee box can feel like a stage and your playing partners can resemble an audience. However, to view the drive as a performance creates performance anxiety which can cause the muscles to tighten and the brain to cramp.

Here, your goal is not to entertain but to put the ball into play in a good position for your second shot.

2.You should adjust the ball placement in relation to your stance. However, the ball should be placed further forward in your stance than is the case with iron shots. For most of the golfers, a good placement corresponds to the position of a right-handed swing. 

The result of this ball placement is that you make contact with the ball further along in your swing.

3.Just ensure that your clubhead has a degree of loft that is perfect for your power and skill. Most of the non-competitive golfers should search for a driver with loft closer to 10-12 degrees than 7-8 degrees.

First, loft increasing can increase your drives, which is the best for you. Second, higher drives curve less which is one of the good things.

4.You should not focus on the hazards, but instead of that, you should focus on a target area on the fairway. And, do not think about where you don’t want to hit the ball. The tendency during the stand at the teeing ground preparing to swing is to worry about hitting the ball into the rough, or into a water hazard or into another position.

Instead of that, you should pick out an area in the center of the fairway and within your range. To focus on your target area increases the likelihood that

you’ll hit the ball over there.

5.Remember : don’t gamble. Otherwise, your handicap is very low and you should not attempt to clear a bunker 200 yards away or cut the corner off a dogleg. Because it is too much risk. What’s your goal? Actually, your goal should be putting the ball into play, and set yourself up to make par on the hole.

Simply, the drive is just a stroke but it is the stroke that sets the tone for your play on the hole.

Final Thoughts

Hence, remember these five tips before start playing golf. As these all tips can be helpful to you in hitting better drives and win the game. After reading this post, you would definitely understand that why the game is said a gentleman’s game. The post is perfect not only for beginners but also for those who end up their play with failure.

So, follow the guide and make a history…. Good Luck!

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