Young Pinay Who Receives Christmas Gift From American Boy 14 Years Ago, Got Married To Each Other After

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You might be willing to be a Samaritan and put on donation some of your blessings this coming Christmas season upon watching this very inspiring love story of Joana Marchan and Tyrel Wolfe. Here’s the video and prepare to be showered with a lot of good vibes.

Joana Marchan and Tyrel Wolfe were not childhood sweet hearts however they already had a somekind of encounter way back 14 years ago and from that day on destiny took over.


In 2002, Filipina Joana Marchan received a shoe box filled with goodies from a Samaritan named Tyrel Wolfe. They were still very young during that time until the time came when Joana searched for her Samaritan. She tried to send mails to Tyrel to thank him for his gifts way back. Unfortunately, she was not able to get any response from him.

The now grown beautiful lady did not surrender finding her Samaritan and tried again her luck looking for him through Facebook. Because the shoe box she received has Tyrel’s photo and written message behind his photograph, Joana was able to find him easily in the social media site.

Tyrel narrated their first conversation wherein at first he felt quite hesitant about Joana’s claim and asked her to prove if she’s really the one who received the box. Fortunately, his photograph in the shoe box was still with Joana in one piece. During their conversation, she described the photograph with a little boy wearing a cowboy outfit leaning next to a wooden wall.

There communication continued and later blossomed into something more special. With much willingness to meet Joana in person, Tyrel was able to some amount to buy a ticket to Manila. On his third visit to the country, he already asked for Joana’s hand.

Tyrel married Joana in a simple ceremony at his backyard where he wore a Barong while Joana embraced her new life as a cow girl by wearing boots during the wedding.

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