You Won't Believe How Much Emma Watson Gets Paid! Is She the Highest Paid Actress in The World? Find out Here!

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Looks like Belle from the live-action musical movie 'Beauty and the Beast' will get way more than what she signed up for because she is set to become the actress with the biggest pay check in the entire world! 

Yes, that's true. According to The Evening Standard, actress Emma Watson is about to overtake Jennifer Lawrence's spot as the highest-earning actress in the industry. With the remarkable success of her recent film, Emma is bathing in millions as we speak. 


In 2017, 'Beauty and the Beast' was the first movie to hit the $1 billion mark. This can only mean that Emma is still getting paid after the upfront talent fee from Disney which gave her $2.5 million. She is expecting another $21.3 million as a portion from the movie's whopping earnings. 

“I think she has the world in the palm of her hand. She is the biggest star in the world right now. She can star in anything,” told Liza Anderson, founder of Anderson Group Public Relations. “There’s no better position to be in right now. I’m sure she has Hollywood anging at her door.” 

Jennifer Lawrence's $46 million earnings last year might get topped off any minute now as the Disney movie's success is still raking in the dough.  

This is not the first time Emma gained a lot from her acting. In the Harry Potter series she played the memorable role of Hermione Granger. This gave her a total earning of approximately $62.7 million! 

Indeed, Emma's talent and passion for her craft is something worth the viewers' and audiences' time and money. 

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