Woman Shares The Inspiring Story Of Her Daughter Who Was Born With Scaly Skin

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A woman gave birth to her beloved baby girl just a year and a half after her first son was born. She and her husband were both very excited to have a daughter after having a son. However, the couple was surprised when they first saw their baby. She was covered in thick, dry, white scales and red sores. The doctors told them that their daughter had a rare hereditary skin condition which could be fatal. They were heartbroken.

Courtney Westlake and her husband Evan were living a happy life with their son, Conor, when they found out that Courtney was pregnant with their second child. Their whole family was pleasantly surprised, and even more so when they found out that she was pregnant with a girl.


via facebook.com/BlessedByBrenna

via facebook.com/BlessedByBrenna

Months passed and everything looked great with their baby. The couple was so excited for the big day, Evan even joked how he has to learn how to braid hair before their baby is born. Finally, on December 19, 2011, Brenna Helen Marie came into their lives.

However, Courtney noticed something weird with Breanna. When the doctors first placed her baby on her chest, she was covered in thick white scales which Courtney thought needed to be wiped off.

via facebook.com/BlessedByBrenna

In her website, she shared:

“When our daughter was first born, I just thought she needed to be wiped off.

She had a thick whiteness covering her entire body, and there was a sort of confused panic from the medical staff in the room. She was whisked out of our room almost immediately and taken to the nursery before being transported to the nearby neonatal intensive care unit.

Somewhere in all of the confusion, we realized that she couldn’t simply be wiped off. The thick covering on her was her skin.”

via facebook.com/BlessedByBrenna

via facebook.com/BlessedByBrenna
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