This woman's weight raised to 275 pounds suddenly, what the doctors found is terrifying.

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Sometimes there can be a very big reaction to a very small thing. Or something that simmers for a long time may explode into something big. One such incident happened in Mexico when a woman experienced a sudden increase in her weight. Her weight ballooned to epic proportions which left her very uncomfortable and immobile.


The doctors had to treat her with emergency surgery and what they found astonished not only the woman, but the doctors also got a nasty surprise in from of whatever that came out of the woman’s body.

1 The woman

The name of the woman in Mercedes Talamante and she lived in Mexico. The 51 year old woman just went through a horrific, painful and traumatising experience when she gained close to 275 pounds. She thought that the weight gain process was a natural one which is associated with aging.

Ms Talamante also became depressed due to the weight gain and because of the change in her appearance and she stopped going out of her house because of the same reason.


2 The immense weight gain

According to Ms Talamante, she thought that she was gaining the weight as a side effect of her becoming old. She almost doubled her body weight in a period of just 5 years.

For the last 2 years or so, she weighed close to 275 pounds and it became very difficult for her to even move around the house and do the daily chores. This made her even more depressed and dependent on her daughter for help with work in the house.

Before the weight gain, Ms Talamante used to weigh a paltry 143 pounds and she tipped the scale at 275 pounds, until it became too painful for her to even move. This was the point when her daughter urged her to visit a hospital and see a doctor.

The immense weight gain

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