The Biggest Patola Kings and Queens of Philippine Showbiz (On Social Media)

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In this age of social media, fans and celebrities have more of a direct line to each other than ever before, but that also means people who don’t like certain celebrities can simply hide behind a computer screen and say hideous stuff they would never, ever say to these celebrities in person.

Celebrities, shocking as this might seem, are human, too. So there will indeed be times where they decide that no, discretion is not the better part of valor, and respond to these people online, in memorable fashion. We even compiled a list of moments like these before. And for defending themselves, we call them “Patola,” because “patol ng patol,” and it is not necessarily a bad thing.


In doing this list, we’re not out here to call out these celebrities for speaking their mind and defending themselves. We’re here to warn you that you don’t want to cross these 8 people, because they can and will put you in your place, if you step out of line.

Laxamana is the director of the film 100 Tula Para Kay Stella, and in the interest of balancing between male and female entries, is the only non-actor or actress on this list. Still, he fits the bill here because Mr. Laxamana practically responded to every single tweet that had something to say about his 2017 movie, whether it be positive or negative. The replies to positive tweets were a given: a retweet and a thanks seemed perfectly normal. The replies to negative tweets, on the other hand…


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