OFW Wife Found Out Her Husband Spends her P500,000 Hard-Earned Savings To The Mistress

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Working abroad is not a choice all Filipinos wanted to make. In the first place, if there were jobs in the Philippines that has the same pay that they get abroad, they will never have to go outside the country and work.

Leaving your family is not an easy decision but because you wanted to provide a better life for them, you will do a sacrifice of not seeing them for years.


And once you heard stories of OFW being deceived by husband/wife, you will be more than angry, especially if the money that our OFW earned with their blood and sweat will only be given to the mistress of the other half.

An OFW write an open letter to “Cagayano Vines” about her story. According to Alma (not her real name), she started working in Bahrain in 2008.

She worked in Bahrain for 9 years, which she earned a lot of money and entrusted her saving to her husband. Every OFW including Alma, she sends money every month to sustain the needs of her family including her children. She also tracking her husband’s account, so that she is aware of the amount of money she already saved.

Unfortunately, one day, Alma received a call from her daughter asking money and because according to her daughter, she haven’t received money from her for 6 months. Alma was confused because she is very sure that she is regularly remitting money allowances to her husband’s account.

She called her husband but he denied the allegation.

Days passes by and after a few weeks, a concerned neighbor told her that her husband was having an affair with a girl named Juliet, who happened to be Alma’s longtime friend. And that explains everything about why the children haven’t received any money for 6 months because her husband is spending it with the mistress.

But the Alma’s nightmare doesn’t stop there, she discovered that all her savings in her husband’s bank account were also wasted on the other girl leisure. Alma was so devastated and give her remittance to her sister instead so that she can manage the money and can be trusted to directly give it to her children.

Alma is now seeking for advice because she wanted to split up with her husband but is to afraid to raise her children without a father.

Source: urdailyfeed

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