Officer Arrives At Family's House - In One Moment, Makes His '25-Year Career All Worth It'

  • 11 months   ago
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That’s how Lt. Kenneth Knox of Meriweather County, GA saved the life of infant Ma’Yavi Parham who he now calls his goddaughter.

Knox’s post about how he saved the child’s life went viral on Facebook and received more than 65,000 shares. He credits the event as the greatest things he’s done during his 25-year career as a police officer.


“I would like to take the time to introduce everyone to Miss Parham. She is a 2-month-old beautiful baby girl,” Knox wrote in his post. “Last night I was dispatched to a residence to a child choking, it was this beautiful little princess.”

It wasn’t specified if this was exactly what Knox did as he refers to “sucking the cereal” out of her breathing passage.

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