Mother And Son Born Without Arms Share A Special Bond, Heart-melting!

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As humans, even when we go through a slight discomfort like a finger fracture or paper cut, we cringe in discomfort and exasperate as it becomes a short-term barrier in our day to day functioning. We hate the feeling of being physically dependent on anyone else for anything. 

Now imagine being born without limbs! How would your life be? Miserable? Dependent? Unbearable? Can you go by even a day, if either pair of your limbs were taken away? I guess your answer would be no, just like mine.


But nothing is impossible and impossible is nothing. Meet this mother-son duo who are defying all the jurisprudence associated with handicaps. Well, it'd be a fallacy if I address them as handicaps. They're just like any one of us. 

The rare condition

As per the reports by ABC News, Linda and Timmy, this mother-son duo hails from Chicago and were both born with one thing peculiarly in common: they both had one missing pair of limbs; their arms.

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