Meet The Mom Who Stopped Aging At 20 And Is Now Mistaken For Her Son's Girlfriend

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Most of us would probably stop the aging clock if we were given the chance. I’m 25 this year, and I’ve been getting grey hairs since I was 18. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t want to look any older than I do at this stage in my life because, quite frankly, it’s all downhill from here.

So you can imagine how shocked I was to discover that there’s a 41-year-old mom out there who looks even younger than I do. Shimmi Munshi from Bolton, England, claims that she stopped aging at 20, and now she’s regularly mistaken for her 20-year-old son’s girlfriend.


While this story might sound sensational, as these pictures demonstrate, it is very much true. What’s more is that the single mom-of-one claims to have never gotten any plastic surgery before in her life. So what exactly is her secret? Has she found the Fountain of Youth?

Shimmi hasn’t just recently been mistaken for her son Ameen’s girlfriend, either. Apparently, it’s been going on since he was a teenager.

“I’ve always looked young,” Shimmi said. “As my friends began aging, I seemed to go in the opposite direction, but I’ve no idea why.”

“I was a single mum, juggling work and motherhood, and anyone would think the stress might have started to show. Instead, I seemed to stop aging.”

Recalling what it was like to suddenly stop aging, Shimmi said, “I didn’t notice it particularly, but all my friends did. They were all moaning that I’d discovered the secret of eternal youth and they wanted me to share it.”

When asked what her secret is, the mom-of-one surprisingly said that there just isn’t one. She swears that she’s had no plastic surgery and her skincare routine is nothing out of the ordinary.

“At the school gates, the other mums would ask if I’d had plastic surgery, or if I had spent a fortune on skin creams and beauty treatments,” she said.

“And they were gutted to learn I had no secrets. There was no mystery at all to the way I looked.”

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