Hairdresser Posts Alarming Photograph Of Client To Raise Awareness For Domestic Violence

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This world is overflowing with good-hearted, kind people who make it their life mission to help others. These secret superheroes come in all shapes and professions, from firefighters to doctors, to shopkeepers and street cleaners – often popping up in the places you’d least expect to see them.


While the world is too busy applauding celebrities for their brave actions, there are few that take notice of those ‘ordinary’ people that come to the rescue. But they are out there, lurking in the shadows listening for the signal.

One person who didn’t miss his chance to help was Connecticut-based hairdresser Andy Mendoza, who sprung into action after a young woman with a horrific story walked into his salon.

The woman, known as Chelsea, had been severely injured by her boyfriend after he launched an attack on her in their home.

Suspecting her of having cheated on him, Michael Truskauskas beat and strangled Chelsea before throwing her down the stairs “like a rag doll” and threatening her with a knife. The enraged 22-year-old also manically cut away her hair claiming that “she can’t be a whore if she didn’t have nice hair.”

Police became aware of the shocking incident after they were alerted to a woman sleeping in her car in a parking lot in Torrington, Connecticut.

Arriving at the scene, they found Chelsea with both eyes blackened and cuts and bruises on her face – in fact, she was so badly injured by the attack that her own mother didn’t recognize her.

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