For 30 miles, man kept hearing scratches on car roof-what he finds when stops-the poor thing

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A man in Norway had set out early one morning to drive to Baskerud county. It was a beautiful area full of lakes and mountains, and he wanted to do some nature photography.

But about thirty miles into the drive, he stopped to take a break and heard a scratching noise on the roof of his car. He had a luggage carrier attached to the roof, so he got out to check if everything was all right.


What he found was a tiny sparrow stuck in the narrow gap between the carrier and the roof.

The man immediately felt bad for the poor bird. It was wedged into the space so tightly that it couldn’t spread its wings or even find enough purchase to get itself out. The way it was shivering in the morning cold, it was obvious that the bird had been stuck there for many miles.

Thankfully, the man had a cardboard box that he flattened and used to slowly push the bird out of the space. But even when it was free, the sparrow couldn’t move at all. Paralyzed from cold and fear, the bird lay quietly in the man’s hand.

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