An Emotional Story Of A Chinese Boy Born With Two Faces!

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You may have heard a lot of stories about children being born with some kind of disabilities or abnormal feature, but the emotional story that we are going to present today is very unusual. This little Chinese boy was born with two faces, one overlapping the another. The emotional story will break your heart and you will feel sorry for the poor little Chinese boy. Read the story below to know everything.


This boy was born in 2010 and when everyone got acquainted with the story and the Chinese boy they named him ‘the mask boy’ because of his two faces. Millions of people reacted after hearing the story because having two faces is very exceptional and unusual. His both the faces have a considerable gap between them up to the ears.

emotionalstory of a chinese boy born with two faces

The boy named Huikang was born in southern China’s Hunan Province, on the date of March 4, 2009.

Her mother Yi Lianxi was so disappointed and heartbroken after the birth of Huikang. Doctors knew that she will be shattered after watching her baby like this. And that was the reason why refused to show her the baby after his birth. But they can’t hide it for a lifetime. Eventually, she has to see her baby. And when Yi Lianxi, the 23-year-old mother actually saw her baby she was speechless.

emotionalstory of a chinese boy born with two faces

When she was asked about her reaction after seeing the face of the baby, she said, “I saw the child was crying, and I cried too. I felt my heart had broken. Why would this happen to me.”

This was shocking because during her pregnancy after detecting the womb with ultrasound there were no deformities detected in the fetus and it was completely normal but the state he was born into tells a different story.

emotionalstory of a chinese boy born with two faces

People including Huikang’s grandmother suggested Yi Lianxi to throw away the child but her mother refused because no mother is cold-hearted enough to throw a child away no matter how his appearance is.

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