Why Qatar is Best After Blockade?

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After the recent blockade initiated by Saudi Arabia and some other Gulf states, Qatar had to modify its economic, political, and trading policies with foreign countries. Qatar has also modified its foreign policies with the states which were involved in the blockade. Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE, and Bahrain cut ties with Qatar and there were some serious points based on which all of the mentioned states initiated the action.


Qatar is basically surrounded by Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and UAE. Before the blockade, Qatar was using its neighbor’s land for trading goods but after the blockade, Qatar can’t continue its trade with other states in the Gulf region because all of its neighbors have cut off the land, air, and water trade with Qatar.

What Were the Demands of Neighbors?

Now, only the North-Eastern area of Qatar is open for water or air trade with other countries of Asia. Saudi Arabia and its allies took this step based on a list of points that were presented to Qatar. These points were demands that Qatar’s neighbors were expecting to get. But the Sheikh Tamim refused the terms and labeled those terms as an insult in the region. Some of the main points of the demands are discussed. Qatar was supposed to cut all of its ties with Iran and must not provide aids to Iran. Qatar must stop supporting terrorist groups and must give details about top terrorist figures. This point was actually a misconception spread in the region. Qatar claimed that it does provide aid to some Islamic groups, but they’re not labeled as terrorists. Qatar also claimed that they do not provide any type of aid to ISIS or Al-Qaida. All of these points were refused by the authorities of Qatar.

How Qatar is Overcoming the Blockade

Qatar Airways has faced severe traumatic experience after the blockade because Qatar was no longer able to use the air of its neighbors. Now, Qatar has only one route and that is of the ocean. All the air traffic is tuned towards the North-Eastern region which is a great task to deal. After changing the route of the flights, the arrival timings of flights of Qatar Airways were extended which resulted in the loss of many customers. Initially, there was a crisis but now, the airline is stable and functioning properly after implementing some essential rules and modifying the air transport channel.

Qatar Food Supplies

After the blockade, it was considered that Qatar will face famine because of a shortage of food supplies. But Qatar has managed to grow its own farms within no time and has managed to fulfill the food demands. Moreover, the milk supply was badly affected due to the blockade, but this issue was resolved as well. Numerous businessmen started t airlift the milk supply to Qatar in order to meet the demand for milk. 

Effect of Blockade on Qatar Universities

Saudi Arab and UAE have a large number of universities that are included in the list of top 10 universities in the Gulf region. However, Qatar has only one institute that stands second in the list of top 10 universities in the region. Contrarily, UAE and Saudi Arab have multiple universities that are competing in the list. So, the blockade has a great impact on the ranking of the Qatari university, “Qatar University”.

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